15 September 2011

contemplating the moon

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We've been looking at each other for years with nothing to say. Its a study, a questioning that doesn't really want an answer. I yawn into the night as it hangs resolutely, never tiring of its task, never questioning. I long for its patience and calm, a kind of existence that is slow and purposeful in the most basic of ways.


Cami said...

I often feel like talking with the moon. Sometimes I feel like it singles me out to just let me know life goes.
Love how you position the viewer in your moon shots.

Gisela Towner said...

You have to be careful about gazing at the moon.
I sat up one night, on a full moon, with my camera and tripod and 3-4 lenses and took about a hundred photos. It was an amazing harvest moon and I watched it for 2 or 3 hours.
I swear, I wasn't quite right for days. a little woozy -- couldn't focus.
I guess that's where the term 'moonstruck' comes from.
True story.

Joanna said...

Gorgeous photos!