05 September 2011

random (labor day) monday

I got up this morning with that "I'm normally at work by this time" feeling and realized my day was kind of my own. I stood in my studio and stared at the mess I created over the weekend (a good mess, way happy that the studio is on its way to being a train wreck) and didn't feel that overwhelming urge to throw myself into work.

So I did what any sensible artist would do - I went to the craft store and wandered around for an hour. Not good for my pocketbook but I came home armed with stuff that got me back in gear so after four hours in the studio, I'm good and covered in paint. Makes me happy. :)

Today has been a hodge podge so that's what I've got for the blog:

1) I saw an ad for this new paint not long ago and I've been curious about it:

I will admit to be less then excited about a lot of the less expensive craft paint on the market. If it takes me three coats to get good coverage, then its hardly saving me money over the more expensive brands and I gave up on it a while back.

I'm happy to report that the soy paint has awesome coverage. Some of the lighter colors need two coats but that's to be expected and I plan to wander back for more colors.


2) I also came home with red jingle bells and chalk. Trust me, it'll make sense eventually.


3) My e-zine is going out tomorrow. If you aren't signed up to receive it, you can do that here. I love to do giveaways and there is one in each zine, tomorrow's will give you the chance to win this:

Its a groovy book, don't miss out.


4) The weather here is having a tug of war with itself. To sum this up, all I can say is that I have a tube of 100SPF sunblock and a wool sweater in the car. Either could be necessary at any given moment.


5) New friends for the studio. Halloween is close. :)


6) I have (intentionally) taken my project list from two to eleven. Hopefully my fit of starting all these things will result in me working on them during the week. I continue on with my love of mud colors:

With the start of the school year, it feels like its time to work again. I have to admit that I like the routine that comes with this time of year, feels more settled somehow.

Hopefully it leads to many more messes in the studio. :)


Jeannie said...

I have never heard of soy paint, but I have been looking for soy crayons. Have to embrace the kid in me that wants new crayons to start the school year.:D Did you create your Halloween friends? They are wonderful!!! I am curious about the jingle bells and chalk. Back to the indigo dyeing to see if I can manage to dye my other hand to match the right one (my glove developed a hole). Enjoy your extra day of freedom!

Anonymous said...

September always makes me want to learn, study, progress. Old habits die hard, don't they? I'm looking forward to seeing the outcome of the red bells and chalk *scratches head*.

~Rasz~ said...

Craft stores can empty the pockets but fill the inspiration bucket too! Sounds like you had fun shopping. Do you like the soy paint? I have never seen that before. And I am looking forward to seeing what becomes of the chalk and the red bells too!

Deb H said...

I agree - Fall = time to buckle down. I might even throw up a blog post of my own - it could happen ;o)