12 September 2011

creative pause prompt #1

In my last e-zine, I talked about a new series of blog posts I'm beginning starting today, Creative Pause Prompts.

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Here is the what Creative Pause Prompts are all about:

Living a creative life is about more then just the artwork you produce. Its about remaining connected to your creative spirit, to the thing that drives you to make things. Since most of us have to squeeze art time into the little bits of the day that aren't sucked up by our routines and schedules, its often easy to push our creative self aside.

I've been keeping a notebook for years now with Creative Pause Prompts. They are little tiny exercises that may not seem like much, may seem silly or not even something you'd label as creative, but they keep me in touch with my creative self.

I've decided to bring them to the blog. Every Monday I'll post a different prompt and if you need a little "me" time during the week to feed your muse but can't spare more then a nanosecond, this prompt will be waiting for you to help fill that void.

Keep a notebook, jot things down, don't stress if you can't get to it. These are truly a no pressure kind of thing, just little blips in the background that keep your creativity fed and happy.

Sound good? Good! :)

So without further ado, here is Creative Pause Prompt #1:

Write down five projects that you'd like to make if money and time (and even physics) were no object. Just daydream, be wild - go wild!

And with that we are off and running! Simple, right? If you'd like to share any of your thoughts, leave a comment but no problem too if you'd like to hoard it all for yourself. Have a wonderful creative pause! :)


Von said...

Wow 5 Things: (In no specific order)
1) Complete and install my passion series.
2) Develop a line of Art Inspired Home Dec items.. like clocks, mirrors all fiber inspired
3) Get my portfolio together
4) Write and article on mixed media and submit
5) Produce for a solo show

Deb H said...

1) Coffee Jacket
2) Steampunk Jacket
3) Design some new buttons
4) a new fiber/art piece title: The Writer
5) start a new fiber/art series

Just 5? (whine)

6) organize my fiber studio
7) organize my craft room
8) organize my office

And there is more, but I'll spare you.
This is a great prompt - I'm looking forward to the next one!
Thanks, Lynn.

Jaye said...

Please check out my creative prompts at http://artquiltmaker.com/blog. A new one is posted every Friday. Thanks.

LisaVH said...

I love this already! Great idea.