06 September 2011

did you get it?

Today my third e-zine got sent out. If you aren't signed up to receive it, you can do that here.

I have to admit, this one has me pretty excited. I'm starting a new blog post series next monday and I announced it there. Its pretty special to me and I've thought about letting it out in public for a while. I'm glad it will be free to run soon.

If you didn't get the e-zine, you can view it on the web here. For whatever reason, mailchimp decided to eat the photos in the main portion of the e-zine. Bah. Here is one of the photos that was in there:

Go check out the e-zine to find out what in the world that's all about. ;-)

I should also mention that you can get in the running to win this fantabulous book:

Its the giveaway for this zine. Here's how that works: I pose a question at the end of the main article of the zine and then also post it on my facebook fan page. All you have to do is visit the fan page and leave a comment on the status that shows the question and you are in the running to win. The winner gets announced in the next zine (published once a month).

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now! :)


Approachable Art said...

Ohhh I love that book! Got the e-zine, verrry nice, thanks for your effort in doing it (you have so much more energy than I do lol)

Leann said...

I'm looking forward to the prompts. Sounds interesting.