23 September 2011

the mystery of neutral

1. as a ghost in my own world, 2. feather and two leaves, 3. never been, 4. I would sail back to you

What if color drained away? What would be left? A mysterious underpainting, a beginning that has a depth that doesn't belong. Its a ghost, tired and connected - a kind of anchor that establishes a start.

The photos in this post were collected from flickr. The words are mine but to see the original photo, click on the links located below the mosaic to visit the photographer's flickr page.


Anonymous said...

Makes me get philosophical- like is it worth starting something if you never finish it?

But then humour too. My father in law always jokes his childhood was literally in black and white.

Lovely shots.

Jean Baardsen said...

Absolutely beautiful!!

Lesley Riley said...

Gorgeous photos. Who knew NO color could so colorful.