04 September 2010

hello chickens

August 23rd? Seriously? I feel strange having not posted for so long. Maybe the twitch below my eye was blogging withdrawal - bring me blogspot! Stat!

I've been all kinds of crazy busy, mostly getting ready for and then just returning from the fabulous Fabrications Retreat. I took Carol Soderlund's Color Mixing for Dyers class and I feel like I just went through an entire college semester's worth of information in five days.

The pace was insane, the information was plentiful, Carol was incredibly chipper (even first thing in the morning - something I don't comprehend but am always surprised by), and I'd happily do it all over again. Its changed not only the way I see color and dyeing but also in how I take classes. I want the serious heavy duty ones from now on. Bring it on!

Only not just yet...I have to recuperate from this one first.

I have much to share with you. Some photos. Some talking (shocking, right?) but at right this minute I have a westie staring me down in total disgust because not only did I have the nerve to leave him for six days, I'm now choosing to pay attention to the silver box from hell (his description of my laptop) instead of to him.

I'll be posting lots over the next few days. In the meantime, allow me to distract you with the video version of the Modern Quilting Lecture Rossie Hutchinson did a couple of weeks ago. (Follow the link below the one here to see it larger.)

Chat soon chickens...

Modern Quilting, Mutant Quilting from r0ssie Rossie r0ssie on Vimeo.


The Scrappy Bee said...

You are nuts. From across the hall we were enjoying our playing and dyeing in our class, you all seemed way too serious. Actually I think the difference is that I just love color and am not to particular about which color I have to play with.

What I did with dyeing was enough for a beginning. Hope to get another dyeing session in before winter sets in.

I did love the retreat and will plan to go again next year. Hopefully I can get some others from Lansing to go.

Watch out or Dooley may eat your laptop and that could get ugly.


elelkay said...

I loved the lecture! Very interesting take on a definition of modern quilting. I think that she was right on target. Thanks for introducing me to someone I want to watch.

Kathy said...

Was the retreat fabulous? It's been on my wish list for a while now and I'm hoping to go next year...sigh! Can't wait to see more on your blog about your projects.