08 September 2010

35 things

Today is my birthday. Another year is gone. Its come with a lot of changes, which is to be expected.

Every year on my birthday I write a list of things that I've learned or observed over the past year. Some are trivial, some are serious, some are just plain silly. I usually begin about a week before the date turns. I figure that by the time I'm old I'll have a long book of things that make me feel pretty smart. (Or just really old. We'll have to wait and see on that one.)

I thought that this year I would post it here on the blog.

So in honor of turning 35 this year, I give you the 35 things I've learned over the past year:

(1) Imagination is a powerful thing.

(2) Everything is a choice.

(3) The westie makes an excellent heating pad in winter time. (And summer time but its not quite as convenient.)

(4) I'd be nothing if I couldn't make art.

(5) Favorite pass time for year 34: making outlines of where my life could go if there were absolutely no restrictions.

(6) Wondering where those restrictions come from...

(7) Friends with blue hair are just all kinds of crazy.

(8) I need a twelve step program for yarn collecting.

(9) No matter how stressful life is, there is always something good hiding around the edges.

(10) I have an excellent mother.

(11) My brother is an outstanding photographer. I am always in awe.

(12) Its becoming easier to call myself an artist, a writer. I wonder at where that comfort level suddenly came from.

(13) I worry less about what people think of me.

(14) The wesite sits and stares out the window each morning like its something brand new each time. I wonder it would be to look at life that way all the time.

(15) When things aren't working right, its okay to walk away. Its okay to seek a more peaceful existence. Its okay to take care of yourself.

(16) I attract mutant zombie horrific and all means of disgusting species of bugs. I will work on accepting this as part of my natural charm (although secretly I want to squash it as dead as all the buggies).

(17) My friends are cool.

(18) There are limitations to how washable "washable" paint really is when you are trying to remove it from surfaces where it does not belong. I've discovered them all.

(19) I'm working on world domination for one simple reason: to make it autumn all year round.

(20) Favorite quote: "Barn's burnt down, now I can see the moon."

(21) YouTube taught me how to knit. Weird.

(22) I am becoming immune to coffee and require stronger and larger doses to keep the blood pumping. I consider this a cruel joke and expect this effect to reverse itself during year 35. That is all.

(23) My life is held together with a series of lists. Ironic that. Since I just listed that fact in a list.

(24) I've got a good life. And I'm grateful for it.

(25) Its okay to ask for help. People are usually happy to do it if they can. And regardless of my own internal hang ups, they do not think less of me because I can't do everything myself.

(26) Favorite book during year 34: The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry. I've read it three times and plan to read it again.

(27) The years are going by faster. I need to pay closer attention.

(28) Pets are magic. No matter how lousy your day has been, how upset you feel, or if you are overjoyed, they are right there in the trenches with you - celebrating and comforting.

(29) I love words. I love putting them together, making them tell a story, watching them march across the page in purpose.

(30) If I invent one thing in my lifetime, it will be studio minions that will clean up after me as I work, sew hanging sleeves on the back of quilts and ship things out for me. They will also sing upon request and do little dances. I'll let you know when I have that sorted out.

(31) Its a little thrilling to begin all over again.

(32) Everything is simple once you break it down to its simplest elements. I lived by this dogma all of my work life. Now I realize it applies everywhere else to. Which means anything can be done if you have the mind to do it.

(33) I like teaching art classes. I'm going back to it.

(34) My bedroom is painted like a candy corn. I realized this after it was done. Somehow it seems fitting.

(35) I've absolutely no idea what comes next and that's okay.

Here's to a new year. Bring it on number 35.


Jen Solon said...

Happy Birthday Lynn! Best wishes for another year full of art!


hip hip hooray, I remember 35, vaguely. as for 22 on the list when I got up to 2 heaped tsps of instant coffee per cup, I switched one of those spoonsful to a coffee substitute made from dandelion and chicory, now I don't feel so bad. Still plenty strong but way less caffeine.

mary said...

i totally love your list and would like to comment on some..
i agree with #10 you so do , i love her too
#11 your brother is an amazing photographer!
#17 i am proud to be counted amungst the list!
#21 you and youtube taught me again ..ironic i think too!
#26 i love the lace reader.its one of my all time favorites i have ever read

happy birthday my friend
happy happy birthday!

Leann said...

Do you still think your friends are cool when they point out that you can't count? Where is #6?

Approachable Art said...

Marry me!

Jeannie said...

Wishing you a year full of creativity, fun, laughter, and joy! Happy Birthday!!!

Jean Baardsen said...

Happy Birthday, Lynn!! I thoroughly enjoyed your list.

Kim Hambric said...

Sounds like 35 is going to be a positive year. Thanks for sharing that list.

elelkay said...

Happy Birthday, Lynn! You have a wonderful sense of humor in your writing yet always remain inspirational. I am enjoying your blog immensely!

Gisela Towner said...

Have a very Happy birthday indeed!!
I hope this coming year will be the best year yet.
I'm going to try and come to your class next month -- I'll bring coffee!

Yarnhog said...

Happy, happy birthday!

It gets better from here on. To my great surprise, my 40s are turning out to be my favorite decade.

Kristin L said...

Happy Birthday!

YouTube helps me knit too!

janice said...


Happy 35th, I know that this will be a great year with many new adventures. Sorry this is late, access to the internet is hit or miss since Atticus came home and can't do the big stairs yet. No wireless on this laptop -- dropped it in an airport bathroom several years ago and broke the wireless button.