20 September 2010

a bundle of randomness

August flew by in a wicked blur and it appears that September is just as moody since its not been polite enough to slow down so I can get a grip on things. Things are a-hoppin' at Chez Fibra Artysta. I've been meaning to blog (which I detest saying, its a dirty phrase) but since I've been scurrying around instead of writing, lots of things have happened. So instead of individual posts, I'm smooshing them all together into a list of random.

(1) On Saturday I attended a meeting of the Michigan chapter of the Surface Design Association. It was the first time I met this group and I had a really nice time. The state rep mentioned that they were looking for people to do demos so since I believe it is my solemn calling on earth to addict everyone to thermofax screen printing, I drug along my screens and paints:

Bear in mind that I did this demo in front of professors from Wayne State University. With my own special way of printing which basically involves flinging paint at the screen and then attacking it like I'm flattening flies. Has little to do with the "proper" way to print. Not sure what they thought of that but I had a blast and plan to go back. No getting rid of me now.


(2) I've got three of the seven assemblages done for the show I'm in next month:

A fourth is nearly finished and the other three look like this:

Have faith, will ya? I've got skills. I'll make it.


(3) One of my errands today involved obtaining these little vinyl farm animals for one of the nearly done boxes:

I apologize if you are an herbivore. This box is actually meant to be humorous (and will be when I'm done with it, the little guys are staging a protest encouraging people to eat more bacon). By the time I'm done with it it will be. Now that I have the protesters, it will come together in no time at all.


(4) I added two new paint colors to the shop. Pond Scum and Blue Lagoon.

They are both rather nice metallics. I'm not a huge metallic fan and I really like these, all the metallics from Simply Screen are subtle. And while I acknowledge that it may be a marketing mistake to call the light olive green one Pond Scum (who looks at their artwork and says, "I think all this needs is a dash of scum! That's the ticket!), don't be deterred. Its a very pretty color.


(5) I upgraded my ipod touch to the latest one. I always said the only way I would is if they came out with one with a camera in it. The buggers did so now I have. The nice thing about it is that Dooley doesn't realize its a camera so I can take as many pictures of little man as I want without him fleeing:

The picture quality is pretty nice, dont'cha think? Its certainly not going to replace my good camera but its blog worthy quality and that's exactly what I wanted from it.


(6) Unfortunately the new ipod renewed my interest in the game apps available and I came across a free one called Pocket Frogs:

Its a cross between being a mad scientist and a frog pimp. The objective is to breed as many new species as you can. I'd like to say that I tried it, found it amusing and then set it aside. I'd like to say that. But I made it to level 5. Someone stop me now... (Oh, and Moviecat! is also a very entertaining movie trivia game. Just in case you needed another way to waste time.)


(7) I read a blog called whatever. Meg, the talented photographer and writer of the blog, went on a missionary trip to Africa not long ago. She took along a suitcase full of children's vitamins and in the time since she's been there, the vitamins have been all used up. She's asking for donations of kid's vitamins to send along with the next person who travels there. (All the info can be found in this blog post.) My vitamins are at the ready - would you consider donating too?


(8) I'm working on a new monthly newsletter. It will be separate from the blog and include things about classes I'm teaching, nifty thermofax screen printing tips, exhibits I'm in, coupons and announcements about the shop, interviews with artists. The first one will go out in a couple of weeks. If you're interested in receiving it, please send me an email at FibraArtysta@earthlink.net with a subject line of "subscribe to newsletter" and you'll be on the list.

That's all I've got. Well, not really. I've got a lot more and could babble for hours but really, there has to be a limit. I've got to get Breaking Traditions prepped for the American Sewing Expo. It hangs this Thursday so there will be some more info on that coming soon. Catch you later chickens!


Jean Baardsen said...

Occasionally, please take time to breathe. :o)

kathy n said...

great. now I have Two Whole Game Apps on my iPhone :-)

Anonymous said...

I must say that my August and September are the same as yours.... I really wish time would slow down a tiny bit....