19 September 2010

printed project sunday

Printed Project Sunday is a new series of blog posts that will appear every third sunday. The purpose of these posts are to feature artists so that you may get to know them better and hopefully inspire you to try some screen printing of your own!

Cercis 9 by B.J. Parady

The first post in this series features artwork from the very talented B.J. Parady. The background fabric of Cercis 9 (shown above) was created using deconstructed screen printing. Other methods used to create the work include stamping, fused scrim, shiva paintsticks and machine quilting.

From B.J.'s website: My art reflects the microcosm in which I live where the tall grass prairie used to be. I am inspired daily by the big skies, the reflection of light on water, the remaining remnants of native plants. Because I have come to embrace the idea of abstraction capturing the essence of a moment rather than a literal depiction of a scene that could just as easily be photographed many of my new pieces are in the style of the abstract expressionists.

If you are new to deconstructed screen printing, here is a brief clip from the deconstructed screen printing queen herself, Kerr Grabowski:

Please visit B.J.'s website and blog to view more of her work.

Printed Project Sunday highlights artwork that features hand printed fabric or paper. The methods vary from traditional screen printing, deconstructed screen printing, thermofax screen printing, monoprinting, gelatin plate printing - anything you can think of! If you would like to have your work featured on the blog, send an image and explanation of your work to FibraArtysta@earthlink.net All work, images and text are copyright of the contributing artists and are posted with permission.

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Jean Baardsen said...

I like this new feature! I visited her website and blog. Really like her work!