15 September 2010


I've been driving myself mad lately (and a few friends as well) when it comes to the topic of creating a consistent banner for all my sites.

The problem I had is that I don't have a clear cut logo. Because I brand myself under the name Fibra Artysta (which means fiber artist in polish by the way and is no more difficult to pronounce then my last name which seriously lacks in the vowel category), its not so easy to come up with a graphic to represent that.

I can't count how many versions I ran through and how much staring I did at other logos and banners for ideas. It often ended with me giving the computer horrible dirty looks and stomping away with fierce determination to ignore it with all the might I had.

But today I spent time setting up my new newsletter that will deal with all things thermofax. And there it was: the need for a tag line and header.

If you've been to my website or etsy store, you noticed that the blog, website and shop all had different headers. Its been annoying me in a gigantic manner for some time.

Today I sucked it up. I'm pretty happy with the end result. The graphic is based on the most popular screen in the shop. Its simple, abstract (which describes my art and writing style) and will be super easy to screen print. (Mom said it looks like a microwave. She may have a point...)

Now everything looks the same. Which means I've been branded. But to be honest, that sort of sounds like I'm a cow with some crazy ranch hand chasing after me with a burning hot iron so I don't know that I really like that description.

At any rate, the twitch beneath my eye is calming down a little bit. Now I can continue building up the new newsletter. With less twitching. And branding. Branding that looks like a microwave...*sigh*


Deb H said...

I like!

bj parady said...

most microwaves I've seen have the controls on the right side. Just sayin.

Quilt or Dye said...

Okay, an upside down microwave. But a very MODERN looking upside down microwave. Tee Hee

Michele said...

Not a microwave. I think it looks like an SD card.