30 September 2010

the tale of 7 assemblages

The last ten days have been a blur.

At one point I got to thinking about the fact that I had ten days left to finish three assemblages. I won't lie, I felt pretty good about myself. Granted, I've known about the show for many months but still, ten days to make three assemblages seemed so totally doable (especially since I knew what I wanted to do). I even said to myself, "Self? Well done. You'll be done ahead of schedule. You go on with your big bad self."

Smugness ensued.

And then a huge deadline/opportunity fell smack in the middle of my lap. It was one of those things that you don't say no to, no matter how tight the deadline. I sat down and listed everything that would need to happen in the next ten days.

Smugness evaporated.

I took a deep breath and had a little talk with myself and decided that it was doable and all would be well.

I don't want to reveal the opportunity that showed up because, well, I'm a little superstitious about it and like to wait until there is no turning back before I tell a whole bunch of people. I can give a little hint in the form of a picture:

Photos of various activities were necessary involving thermo screens. (Maybe not so secret anymore?) Won't be long until I can completely spill the beans so be patient...

At the same time, I continued to work on the assemblages. Glue, paint, stare at it and will it to dry with the power of my mind (doesn't work by the way)...rinse and repeat.

Between the two projects, I've been chained to my studio. Which really isn't all that horrible of a thing when you think about it. But now that poor room looks like this:

Trust me when I say the mess continues on the other side of the work table closest to the door. I actually had a dream last night in which I was cleaning up and couldn't stop and felt an unreasonable amount of glee about the whole thing. (Is that the first sign of cracking up?)

I can't stand the train wreck. I plan to correct that quickly. Things got out of control quickly but there was no time to stop and tidy. Every second counted.

And many of those seconds resulted in this group:

Seven assemblages.

An exhausted artist.

A destroyed studio.

These hang tomorrow morning. I'm excited (on the inside, I'm too tired to physically express it). I can't wait to see what Joan and Leann have, its going to be a really exciting show.

I plan to treat myself by going out to the Farmer's Market in Farmington on Saturday morning to buy some handmade soap from Relic Soap Company. I bought a bar of their soap at the Plymouth Art Fair this past summer and have been trying to find the time to go visit them again before the outdoor selling season is over. Its the best handmade soap I've ever come across.

The time has come. I want soap. And sleep. Sleep and soap. Sounds like a plan.


mary said...

woah...i have never seen your studio with that much flurry going on...well done!
i know the exhibit will be great!

Bonnie B said...

JUst to know they are done m/ust be a sigh of relief. I know when I have a deadline I am either done way before or pressing on at the last minute...guess I know what you chose. Bonnie PS Ready for sewing at the end of October?

Gail P said...

Kudos! Take a breather and tell yourself, "well done."

FunkyC said...

Hey, I can still see the floor!

Approachable Art said...

You're heroic. Whatever your fabulous news is, I will wait to hear work of it as patiently as a ten year old doing the pee-pee dance. I hope it's what I think it is. <3