25 January 2010

deadline avoidance = epic fail

I have two deadlines looming and the procrastination side of my brain looked at the calendar today and said, "You've got five whole days yet! Go do something fun!"

So I took its advice and decided that I could blow today off from dealing with them and go into the studio to indulge some of the new ideas I've had kicking around my brain. I rationalized it by saying that I needed to work on them while the inspiration was there.

Yeah. Well. Didn't go so well.

I've had the urge to continue my Talk to Me Series so I did this:

And I looked at it for a bit.

And decided I hated it.

For one thing, its...clean...and polite. Its not nearly as grungy or gritty as the other pieces in the series. Plus the addition of the red squares took it in a totally Asian direction, which was not my intention at all. I grabbed some more paint and figured all I had to do was scuff it up a little bit.

Which promptly led to me ruining it in every possible way. I peeled off the two squares of fabric (the beauty of fusing with Mistyfuse, it holds things in place but I've found I can always yank it back up in my more desperate moments) and pitched the rest of it.

I don't really have a problem with failed work. Its sort of par for the course. Besides, I figure this is Murphy at work again - he apparently feels I should pay attention to the deadlines I have and finish them up. Okay, okay, point taken.

Of course, it doesn't help my concentration that this came in the mail today:

I'm glad that I am weak and caved when Yarnhog posted that she joined this Knit-along. I opted to not use beads, I'm not really into them in my knitting. I admire they way they look, I just think I'd end up picking at them until I unraveled the entire project so we'll just skip that whole part. I joined late (obviously) so I think I might start it today. They are already on the second clue so I'm behind.

(Note the nosy westie wedging himself between the footstool and the basket I'm using for my crocheted afghan. He is pretty much back to normal. In fact, he's gone back to some of his more bratty ways so I've nicknamed him Frankenwestie. Hey, its fair game to taunt him now that he's feeling better.)

In other yarn news, I finally got myself situated to get rolling on the hexagon afghan:

Took me long enough, eh? When I do these I tend to work on them in the evenings in between other things. So I like to have everything situated in some semblance of order so that I can just grab it whe I have a few free seconds and make some. (I also have this weird quirk about knitting/crocheting from skeins that look like this. It annoys me. I seem to knit/crochet slower when they are like that so I always wind them off into balls.)

I also went through a bit of an angst about the yarn that I'm using for it. Turns out I didn't have nearly enough leftover yarn from Babette, I was going to have to pick up a significant amount. So I decided to give it some thought before I bought anything. I went with Galway, which is not machine washable. But I figure that as long as the westie doesn't lay on it when he needs a bath (which is the polite way of saying he can be a real stink pot sometimes), it won't need to be laundered that often so I'm going for it.

And keeping with my promise to try different things this year, I signed up for this workshop with Alma Stoller. Go ahead, give a giggle. Its so totally not me in any way. I don't do portraits and especially not self portraits but I like that its abstract and I like the overall feel of the paint color she's featuring. That part is definitely up my alley. I'll blog about that adventure, hopefully it goes better then my day today.

I need to figure out what to do with the remainder of the day, its a restless one and I just can't seem to focus in any way. Maybe I should just leave projects alone today since I seem to have the touch of destruction, no need to multiply the fabric in the trash can.

Yarn? Reading? Finish website? Taunt the westie? So many options...

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