11 January 2010

mish mash

I'm hunkering down over the next few days to get my website done. I've been picking away at it for a while now but I really need to finish it so I'm putting on some movies and doing it. (I'm switching over to a new program so not only does the entire site need to be redone, but I need to learn the program as well. Makes for some fun times.)

So it makes sense that I'm blogging, right? Moving on...

I've been tinkering with a few different things lately so I've got random for you today.

1) Mary and I went to Mexicantown this past Saturday. Which means I got a chance to indulge my skeleton obsession. We visited a shop where they were plentiful:

I picked up a couple more to add to my collection, a writer and an orange fellow:

2) We also decided to go out in search of houseplants. Because nothing says gardening like snow and temperatures in the teens right? Truth is that I needed to tame the indoor jungle that I keep in my studio. I've neglected it as of late and there were a couple of casualties but overall not too bad. I added a couple of new friends to the mix:

You'll notice the watering bulb on the far left upper corner. Pothos are fairly indestructible but I figure I've got it, why not use it? I've never seen such a light color for this plant before. Its sitting next to its more common cousin (mine looks nothing like that one but I'd love it to someday) so they should get along just fine.

So the jungle is happy now and there will be much growing, no matter what time of year it is.

3) I finished a couple of pairs of fingerless mitts:

I'm pretty happy with how they came out. Although I think I'm going to go back in and add a crocheted edge to the ones in the top picture. I did that to the orange and white ones in the bottom picture and it took out the roll that straight stockinette stitch produces. I don't mind that curl but I think I'd like the gloves to lay flatter so my hands stay warmer so I guess they aren't completely finished.

4) I joined a knit-along - for a lace shawl. Don't ask, I'm weak and caved easily. I'll blog more about that when I get the yarn and begin knitting it.

5) The Christmas tree is still up. I plan to take it down this week but who knows. It has red and white decorations on it, maybe it could pass for a Valentine's tree...

6) Dooley is in full on hibernation mode. The weather is cold and he's decided he wants nothing to do with it. I think his plan is to sleep until spring arrives. It may not be a bad idea.

Okay, I need to go work on my website. Honest. No facebook, no writing, no etsy.

Just website. Yup...


mary said...

i will have to send you the really cool picture i took of you taking a picture of your feet its cool
i had fun..and the food ,,,,yummmm

michele said...

love the fingerless mitts. very clever and useful.

bj parady said...

thought of you at Dick Blick the other day. They had earbuds with skulls for the buds...

Jean Baardsen said...

Are those hexagons on the white and orange gloves? Are you crocheting hexagons? I got hooked on them after your post, and crochet while I'm watching TV.