02 January 2010

devil cookies done right

After the smack down death match that I had with the springerle cookies I made, we got to wondering what a proper devil cookie should be like.

Mom searched the internet and found The Springerle Baker. They are the shining example of how perfect these things can be. Their site does little to take away the bitterness I feel towards this cookie. Clearly it is selectively cruel to bakers, its nice to that guy. Me? Not so much. (Devil cookies.)

We ordered a small batch and they came in the mail the other day:

I may have mumbled things like "show off" and "damn devil cookies" several times while unpacking them. Truth is, they are absolutely gorgeous and they taste just as good. Mom insists that the ones I made are pretty close but I think she's just trying to get rid of the twitch that appears on my face every time the subject of them comes up.

Now that we have a source for good devil cookies (I refuse to call them by their proper name), I can feel comfortable about my decree of never making them again.





wlstarn said...

Your cookie stamp might be great for polymer clay.Or maybe doing rubbings with paintsticks. And then you could never use it for food again.

Kat Campau said...

Thank you so much. I bookmarked it.