31 January 2010

31 happy things in january

The 365 Happy Things Project just wrapped up its first month. Above is a mosaic of all the things that were posted in January.

If you missed my post announcing what the project is about, here is the explanation for it again:

One of my favorite books is 10,000 Things to Be Happy About (now updated to 14,000 things, she apparently found more!). Its simple, to the point, and it reminds us that we are surrounded by things that will make us happy.

I've always been intrigued by people who vow to take on a once-a-day project for an entire year. I never really thought I'd have enough of anything to keep up that kind of pace. Then I realized I've got plenty - all the little every day things that make me smile!

So in 2010 I'm going to post something every day that makes me smile. The posts will be simple, nothing more then a picture with a caption. But I want this year to be a time of slowing down and taking a closer look at the little things that I spend so much time zooming by without a second thought.

I hope you'll join me on this journey!

If you'd like to follow the project, please visit its blog.


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