29 December 2009

because i am a glutton for punishment...

See that? See that up there? That is a hexagon. And its going to have a lot of friends. Why you ask?

Because apparently the Babette Blanket wasn't traumatic enough for me and I'm coming back for more. Now before you go hitching up the corner of your mouth so you can look at me sideways with the "mom" look, let me explain myself.

Winter is here and that's usually when I launch some insanely big yarn project. Its as regular as the season, I've decided to not fight it anymore. I've been spending time on Ravelry again (which is always dangerous) and found this project. Still not impressed? Check out the Flickr group for it, I dare you to not find it intriguing.

I've decided that this blanket will be nicer to me. Why? Let me outline the reasons:

1) Ends will be woven in or crocheted in as I go along. I will not call a hexagon complete until every end has been properly secured. I'm not sure I've ever really been so close to the edge of my sanity as I was when I had to weave in all those ends on Babette. I have not forgotten, I shall not return.

2) There is a tutorial for crocheting the blocks to each other as you go along. I'm not entirely sure that I understand it at the moment (I'm trusting that I will once I try it) but it gives me great hope that I won't have to sew every hexagon together (this makes me stupid happy.)

3) All the hexagons are the same size. No need to worry about layout.

4) I have lots of yarn left over from Babette. (Even more if you count the box of squares I haven't sewn together yet, they are in peril of being ravaged...) I should be able to make most of this blanket without having to buy a lot of yarn. (I'll have to buy some but I think it will be minimal. I had originally thought of doing this in 70's appliance colors - LOVE that! - but decided to use up what I have on hand.)

5) These have a certain squishiness that Babette doesn't:

6) I found a cool pink metallic (yes, I said pink) crochet hook. Don't have that color in the size for this yarn so it gave me an excuse to obtain it. (I am forever in search of colored metal crochet hooks. The store near me has limited colors, its like a treasure hunt.)

All these reasons combined have this blanket already faring better then Babette. I have hopes of redoing my bedroom in the next few months so it will be a nice addition to the feel I'm going for.

It also seems that I am no longer incapable of making just one of something. Behold, the fingerless mitt binge I have embarked on:

I know, I know. There are loose ends to weave in. In my defense I lost the darn needle again. I go through those yarn needles like they are going out of style. I have visions of one day finding a heap of them hidden somewhere behind a piece of furniture covered by a pile of Dooley toys (I wonder if he steals them so I'll have more time to pay attention to him...)

This binge was started by this pattern. The two pairs of white ones toward the top of the basket are going to be those. I did them the way the pattern called for but decided I didn't really like the ribbing on the cuff. Mom does, though, so those will be for her. So I did a second pair that is straight stockinette for me. I still have to do the crocheted medallion for the top. I'll make my medallion 70's appliance colors, mom's will be pink and froofy.

I decided that since these worked up so darn quick that I would try out some different yarns. Apparently I'm not so bright because I picked this yarn:

These are being knit on 2.25mm needles. The yarn is so freakin' small it makes my eyes tired to work on these for long. But they are mindless so that makes them good tv watching knitting.

I have several other mitt patterns in the queue (not sure if I should be thankful for Ravelry or if I should flip it off) so once I'm done with these, I'll give another style a try.

Someone slap me, please, the yarn has taken me over...


FunkyC said...

A. How did you know what face I'd make??

B. I love that her blog post ends with "Happy Hooking".

C. I now have a burning need to crochet hexagons. Thanks for that.

mary said...

i did not make the face, i giggled
i like it!
thanks for the link to that blog its very cool!

Jean Baardsen said...

This is not good.... Back in the 70's I crocheted a bedspread for a queen-sized bed out of granny squares. Flashback - I think I even dyed all the yarn myself. I haven't crocheted in quite a few years. I have no yarn stash. I would have to buy all the yarn I'd need to do this afghan. I could choose any colors I wanted. Here's the real dangerous part - my sister is currently crocheting an afghan for me and she needs ONE more skein of one of the colors, and I'm going to Michael's this morning to buy that ONE skein....

wlstarn said...

Looks a lot like a crochet version of Grandmother's Flower Garden. And the fact that it is assemble-as-you-go is REALLY good! Unlike your other readers, I have no desire to make this. BUT have you seen the new Lion yarns that look like handpaints? (I get their e-newsletter). The only problem is which colorway to choose first. There are several nice patterns for the yarns on the Lion site also.

Pattie Wall said...

Ooo, the hexagon thingy looks fun! Especially since you attach them as you go. That's the trouble with those thingys for me, once made (all cazillion of them) they don't fit together because as you DO them, your tension changes from day to day - well...at least mine does. I have so manhy scraps 'o yarn...I too, may be in on this one! Just give me a few weeks to let it fizzle in my brain and thanks for the link!