28 October 2007

Where I Stand Sunday

Michigan is trading in summer for autumn. The weather is growing cold, its raining and the leaves have become victims of gravity. It won't be long before my blacktop driveway is covered in ice rather then spotted with leaves.

Welcome to my new little project: Where I Stand Sunday. I've long been admiring the photos people take when they go on trips of their feet standing on new soil, an interesting walkway, a special building.

And I got to thinking that we often give little thought to the ground that we tread on every day. So I've decided to start paying attention. Its keeping in line with what I said in my Blog Action Day post, "I plan to spend more time stopping and looking at nature around me. Its time we all spent more time living in our environment rather then just on top of it."

Each Sunday I will post a photo of someplace I stood. Beneath the photo will be an explanation of where I was standing and why I chose to take a photo of that particular spot. Odds are it won't be anywhere exotic but the point is to stop and really pay attention to where I live, where I spend my life standing.

I invite you to join me in doing this. I think you'll be surprised at how much you take for granted once you stop and look around at the places you spend each day of your life in. If you would like to join me in posting a photo (on your blog, on your photo site, on your website), leave me a comment on this post where I can find it and I will start a blogroll on my sidebar so other people can find you as well!

1 comment:

Julaine Lofquist-Birch said...

What a great idea, Lynn...count me in!