03 October 2007

Exploring Art Dolls exhibit

Here is another exhibit from the American Sewing Expo from a group that I belong to. It is called "Exploring Art Dolls" and consists of dolls from the Looking Glass Dolls group. We are an art doll group that meets in Livonia. If you think you might be interested in joining us, we are at Scrappy Chic beginning at 6:30pm on the third Wednesday of each month and are happy to welcome new members all the time!

If you click on each picture it will enlarge. Below are group shots of the dolls and their titles as well as the artists (listed below each photo). Enjoy!

And check back soon as there are more exhibit photos to come!!

(left to right) Green Fairy, Purple Fairy & Mermaid Kate Carras ; Woodland Fairy Sara Melton Keller

(left to right) Zucca Shelly Lampshire ; Kingsley Shelly Lampshire ; Mother Nature's Son Emily Smith; Pinky Ruth Miller

(left to right) Mawu Carolynne White ; Spoolie Girl Vivian Lonetto ; Inside/Out Lynn Krawczyk

(left to right) Mind Your P's & Q's Vivian Lonetto ; Frances, Autumn Star Lenea Howe ; Woman of the Wood Emily Smith

Vi Carious Lenea Howe

Roberta, Hugh & Dawn Leann Meixner

(left to right) Lovey Carolynne White ; Granny Ruth Miller ; Elfie Misty Ruth Miller ; Gilda Shelly Lampshire

(left to right) Helen, the Witch Watcher Lenea Howe ; Dream Catcher Joan Potter Thomas ; Funny Peggy Thomas

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