26 October 2007

What would you take?

So a couple of my co-workers today were discussing the fires in California this morning. I've been glued to the news since they started, I'm feeling really terrible about it. I think what floors me the most is that they believe some of the fires were started by arsonists. What buttheads. (I have stronger words but this a PG-13 blog so I will refrain.)

I just can't imagine the horror of being faced with something like this but knowing that someone started the whole mess deliberately? Some people are just not right.

The conversation here at work today turned toward the subject of "What would you take with you if you had to evacuate?" So I got to thinking about it. We're talking about material possessions for the purpose of this conversation. Past the obvious of humans, pets, important papers, photographs, etc...

I've been working on paring things down for some time. Mostly because I've had a really insane hectic life for the past few years that has generated a hideous backlog of junk that mocks me every chance it gets. But don't worry, I've purchased the trash bags and there will be no mercy, the carnage cleaning begins today after I get off work. In fact, I'm even taking half a day vacation to get a kick start on it. MUAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Sorry, got sidetracked there...back to the conversation at hand. So if you had already packed up all the important stuff and still had room to toss in some trivial items, what would you take, dear reader?

I had to think long and hard about it. I look around at the stuff I have and the first thing that comes to mind is: "This can all be replaced." But then I feel a small twinge and start to think that I would probably take at least these things if I could:

  • A couple completed art quilts. I tend to work small, I could roll them up and stuff them in a tote bag. These represent periods in my life and I can gauge my personal history in them so to me, they are almost as important as the family photographs.

  • My laptop and digital camera. Its got everything on there and again, its dinky so it too won't take up much space.

  • Some yarn and knitting needles. If I'm going somewhere where I know I will have to wait and be a nervous wreck while I wait to find out if fire has eaten my house and all my belongings, I'm going to keep my hands busy so that I dont' go completely insane. Its how I deal with stress.

  • A journal. Nothing like written therapy.

Other then that, I'd be willing to leave the rest of it behind. And that was a shocking realization to me but its true.

So now I'm wondering, what would you take?

My heart really does go out to all the people in California. My thoughts are with you all and I hope you are managing as well as you can. Be safe and be well. {{hugs}}


Anonymous said...

I actually had to pack up in 20 minutes and evacuate my condo on 9/11/01. I put my cat in a carrier and the negatives of my 45 years of family photos, took a last look around and went downstairs for instructions from the police officers in my lobby. This happened just after being evacuated from my job on that day. I live and work in downtown Chicago so there were not alot of options at the time. But all the planes were grounded 40 minutes later and I could go back up to my condo. Too much drama for one day.

Fibra Artysta said...


I can't imagine how terrible that must hve been for you! I'm glad you and your pet made it out safely!!!