02 October 2007

Breaking Traditions 2007: "Connections"

I am extremely pleased to show you more photos of all the quilts for Breaking Traditions 2007: Connections as they hung at the American Sewing Expo this past weekend.

First up is a photo of the exhibit favorite. This is Family Tree by Joan Potter Thomas. Joan will receive hand dyed fabric from Cathy Arnett of Harmony Fibers, Nancy Eha's book "Bead Creative Art Quilts" and a $25 gift certificate to Dharma Trading Co. Congratulations Joan!

Here is a shot of Joan, standing proudly by her artwork.

There were a total of 54 quilts in the exhibit this year and Theresa, our judge, found it extremely difficult to narrow it down to just one quilt. When I caught up with her on Saturday she had chosen her top three. So we chatted about that and decided to honor three quilts from the exhibit. So she ranked Joan's quilt first and the following two received 2nd and 3rd honors.

Next up is a photo of Ren Vasillev's quilt, How NOT to Mend a Broken Heart. Ren's quilt received 2nd honors for this year's exhibit. Congratulations Ren!

And here is the quilt that received 3rd Honors. It is Block by Block from Jennifer Solon. Congratulations Jennifer!

Ren and Jen will receive some batik fabric for being chosen as second and third.

Here is our esteemed judge, Theresa Mertens - artist and owner of Bohemian Element. She graciously posed for me next to Joan's quilt.

I had the pleasure of taking photos of a couple artists next to their work. Below is Vickie Boteler next to her quilt, Under the Sea. (Vickie had a most excellent suggestion for next year's exhibit so stay tuned for more on that! Thanks Vickie!!!)

Next up is Jackie Lams, with her quilt Who Can Sucessfully Conceal Love?

The next seven photos are shots showing the groupings of quilts hanging in the exhibit. Each quilt has been individually photographed and will be in an online gallery on my website by the end of October.

Before I leave you with the photos from the exhibit, I'd like to give special thanks to everyone who so generously shared their work for the exhibit. I feel very fortunate to organize this exhibit. And I especially thank Joan, Mary, Sidney and Leann for their assitance hanging and taking down the artwork for the show. And to the wonderful people at the American Sewing Expo for the opportunity to hang this show! :)

So without further ado, here are the quilts as they hung in the exhibit. Thanks again everyone! :)

This exhibit is an open call show so if you think you might be interested in participating next year, you can join the yahoo group for all announcements concerning the exhibit. I'm planning on something a little different for next year to keep things exciting and fresh. Details for 2008 will be posted in January '08!


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Alessandra White said...

This looks like such a fun show! I would love to participate when the next one comes up. Thanks for posting the pics.