26 March 2012

messy work table photo collaboration reveal day! :)

Here we are - time to show off your messy work tables! :)

Being an artist is a gift but let's face it, its not neat. And where other people see complete chaos, we see a lovely pile of potential.

Today I'm showing you the current state of my work table and so are the artists listed below. Don't feel bad about having a messy work space - show it off as a sign of creative productivity and happy happenings! Enjoy!

And here is my messy work table to start us off. This is a combination of creating 15 new pieces for an exhibit and launching my first online class. Happy stuff going on! (Just for the record? This does drive me nuts. But I refuse to feel guilty about it - I work, I trash it, I make it a total mess, I clean it up and then start all over again. No guilt. Just creating.)

And here are the other artists who are willing to show off their space in all its cluttered glory. Please stop by and visit their blogs:


Elaine said...

Hi Lynn, I'm late in notifying you, but I added my worktable and a link to your project also.


Jacqueline Bryant Campbell said...

Ok, I'm late but it's up now!

miss_peggy_artist said...

Hi Lynn - sorry I commpletely forgot - my "reminder" about this was buried under stuff on my work table . . . I've posted now to my blog :)


Thanks ! Peggy Kerwan

Judy said...

Thank you very much for this Lynn, my table looks like some, not like others, but i aint going to worry no more. Thanks to all who showed their work tables.

Deb H said...

Hi Lynn and all, I'm currently in Seattle so the time zone issue has me a little late getting my post up - I have revealed my messy studio, also known as Camp Chaos. Love seeing all the work tables!

Ronni said...

This was fun Lynn! I'm enjoying looking at all the blogs. My own table gets frustrating but seeing everyone else's is kind of inspirational!

Linda Branch Dunn said...

My studio gets so full of ideas I can't get in. Hardest part is jettisoning something-that-might-be-useful-someday. Quick: draw the Venn diagram of Hoarding and Creativity.