23 March 2012

living it

March has been a marathon. I've been mentally prepared for it since the beginning of the year. So many deadlines are converging at the beginning of April so that means every second of this month counts in a big way.

My studio looks like a bomb went off in there, I haven't done any laundry beyond what I need for the next week in nearly a month, grocery shopping has been spotty and I've learned to speed shower. Two more weekends to go and then...what?

There are more projects on the books but at a slower pace. I stepped back today and wondered - would I be happier if I were less busy? Would I be happier if life worked at a slower pace?

No. I can say with absolute certainty - no.

Because all of these things revolve around art. Making it. Teaching it. Writing about it. Living it.

How can I be unhappy about that? How can I want to stop that? Life would be so much less without art. I'll take whatever it is willing to offer.

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Colleen Kole said...

No-go,go,go! And ENJOY!