05 March 2012

giveaway #2 for "the printed stash" students! :)

In case you missed it - and I'm not really sure how you could have since I've been shouting it from the mountain tops for days now :) - I'm teaching an online class called The Printed Stash that begins on April 1:

Its a technique class on Thermofax Screen Printing and Gelatin Plate Monoprinting. Go check out my original post on it to read all about it and how to register.

If you are among the first 20 students to register before March 14, you can get in on a drawing to win one of three very awesome giveaways to help you along your way in the class!

Giveaway # 1 is shown in the original post and today I'm showing you Giveaway #2:

Giveaway #2 is your choice of any two thermofax screens and your choice of any two paint colors from my shop. Fun, right? :)

Giveaway #3 will be posted here on March 9 so check back to see that. 

I can't tell you how excited I am about teaching this class!!! (Okay, okay, maybe you've noticed since I can't shut up about it.)

I decided to start a Pinterest board for it as well so if you are a student, your work can be posted up there and if you're not, then you can drool with the rest of us. :)

Its right up there on the top row, the first board. So if you're interested in some serious eye candy (the board will really start hopping in April since the class goes live April 1), please follow the board to keep up with everything.

More soon! :)

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Candyce said...

Some of us are already registered and have been doing the classes offered and looking forward to your class coming. candy