04 March 2012

studio sunday - remnants collage parade & magazine winner!

I know today is usually Where I Stand Sunday but I've been working my behind off in the studio and thought I'd mix things up with a Studio Sunday post instead. :)

But before I get going, let's announce the winner of the Spring Studios issue giveaway:

Congrats tiedyejudy! :)

Back in the studio, my space looks like Remnant Collages have exploded all over it.

Not a bad thing mind you but holy cow, what a mess. But the things that come out of that mess are always loads of fun.

I pulled out a stack of thermofax screens and printed everything within an inch of its life:

These collages are beyond addictive. I love 'em. I don't think I'll ever get tired of making them.

Here are several smaller ones in a pile:

And Beast #1 and Beast #2 are nearly finished. I'm still fussing with them.

Especially this one. I've already added some more printing since this photo was taken, I love the circles but I want to push them into the background a little bit more, they are too in-your-face.

I may have occasionally sighed loudly in Jackie's direction for making me work this large (the April show is  a duo of our work) but honestly? I'm totally loving it. (Make sure you follow the link on her name over to her blog, she's been posting detail photos of her work that will be in the show and its really beautiful.)

I was at the art store the other day and nearly walked out with a canvas that most likely would not fit in my car (realized that after I was driving away.) Next time I have a coupon to get it cheaper and a friend with a mini van, I'm going to get a monster canvas and start chipping away at it.

Photos completely suck and that's why I'm starting to take my work to a professional photographer. I've given up on the torture of trying to get things just so. So in two weeks I'll be dropping sixteen pieces off to get good photos (super excited about that!)

I have a few things to do on about three more pieces and need to paint out the edges on several of them and wire and label them all up. Luckily that is brainless work that I can chip away at during the week.

The studio is hopping, such a good feeling! :)

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Judi Hurwitt (Approachable Art) said...

This all looks so awesome, Lynn, yer just kicking butt and taking names! Love the Remnants!!