06 March 2012

the spaces

She's learning the spaces she leaves
Have their own things to say...
-Ani DiFranco

I'm always working to fill, fill, fill. Fill the time, fill the canvas, fill the to-do list.

Its easy to skirt past the spaces. The little places where life percolates in quiet concentration, waiting for its chance to break free and move into action.

This is the way its been in the studio the past few weeks. A frantic dance of filling and a gentle stepping back to breathe in the spaces left behind.

Its music, fate, comfort, the place I belong.


Colleen Kole said...

:) the filling in and the filling up of spaces.

Enjoy where you are right now. It is a really vibrant place and this piece is beautiful.

Jeannie said...

You are creating beautiful spaces for the eyes to rest as they take in the gorgeous canvases.

Judi Hurwitt (Approachable Art) said...

Beautiful post. And if I may say so, the bright, warm colors suit you as well as the earthy, rich ones do!

Pattie Wall said...

You are so multi-talented, multi-layered and such a multi-tasker...innovative and creative beyond words. A perfect picture of entrepreneurship! Carry on!