20 March 2012

destruct-o box experiment update - with a twist

 I've been giving my destruct-o box (that simply refuses to destruct in even the slightest way) a thinking about.

Here is the latest development in its decay:

 Thrilling, eh?

I guess I build 'em better then I thought. The whole goal of the experiment was to document it as it broke down. But since its not really doing that at any pace that is interesting (at least interesting enough to post on the blog on a regular basis), I decided to give it some friends that may be more obliging.

I don't know if I've ever shown you this fellow? He sits on the post right above the box:

 I've always thought he is kind of a grumpy looking fellow. Of course, he is wired to the post with rusty wire and his light behind him burned out long ago (maybe he just wants a new night light). He's got some nice wear on him, though, doesn't he?

I decided he could use some cheering up so I made him the keeper of the fabric:

I wove four pieces of fabric underneath the wire and then clipped them with a clothes pin. I don't know if that will be enough to make them stay but we should find out soon enough.

Perhaps the fabric will yield more interesting destruction patterns. Here he is with all his new treasures:

 Can't tell if he's happier or just plain thinks I'm a weirdo for sticking fabric to him.

We've got tons of birds around (sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock out there), maybe they will wander off with some of it. We're also due for rain today so let the games begin...


Leann said...

I would like to thank you for your destruct-o experiments. I figure as long as you do them we will have mild weather. I'm anxious to see what happens to the fabric!

Susie said...


Maybe if you laid your box flat, with open side uo, more would happen. Things would fly in and stay there ....maybe.


morningDove said...

i just love your fabrog, i think he loves you for giving him a new lily pad to sit on. he does have some wonderful wear.