22 February 2011

taking a breath

Yesterday I took a deep breath, gathered all the fortitude I could find and did it: I unpacked everything from the Quilting Arts TV & DVD taping.

Oddly enough, it was not as horrifying as I anticipated it to be. I figured it would be a long marathon of organizing and putting away. When I was getting ready to go, I organized every taping segment into a separate taping bin. So each TV segment had a bin and then each of the five DVD chapters had their own containers as well.

It seemed obsessive at first but when I got to the studio, I was really glad I had done it.

However, I didn't take any kind of care when I packed everything up to go home. It wasn't necessary. I just tossed everything into whatever bin I could find, knowing that when I got home I'd have my work cut out for me.

It only took a couple of hours. And as I went through each bin, I took printed fabric that was created for examples and new artwork and methodically pinned them up or leaned them against my design board.

I admit I was pretty shocked when I stepped back and saw this:

A couple of things up there are not from the prep work but...wow. Just...wow.

That's a lot of stuff. For me, at least.

I don't know if you recall, but I talked about my approach to printing fabric briefly at the beginning of the year. I call it Intentional Printing.

My tapings meant that I needed fabric samples for the different techniques that I demo'ed. I admit, this sent a wee panic through me. I've developed the habit over the past couple of years of printing fabric as I need it, not printing just for the sake of printing.

Its not that I think this is the wrong approach. Its jut not what works for me. It became a way to control the outcome of everything from start to finish. But that also leaves me with a serious lack of printed stash.

Not so much anymore. Check out the surplus from the sample making:

When I was creating these pieces, I was sure that they would remain as samples. I like them but since they didn't begin with a particular work in mind, I figured they would be difficult to fit into whatever it was I wanted to make.

But I'm having second thoughts. Its kind of thrilling to have so much there waiting for me to pick from. I'm undecided. On the one hand, it will be nice to use these since I'm heading back into the work force this week. But at the same time, I don't want to be faced with this task if the need every comes up again.

I'll have to give it some thought. What do you think? Use it or save it as samples?

And those are not the only things that were prolific. There is also the finished work:

Holy cow.

I knew I was making a lot. I spent months prepping. (I find the one on the left that says "rest" humorous. I think my subconscious was trying to tell me something.) So I suppose it shouldn't be so surprising but pulling it all together into one pile is really something else...

I need to get these photographed. I think I might be hiring that out from now on, it will be nice to have these things to update my site with.

I've been taking a breath in many ways this week. February has been an exciting month...and its not done with me yet. Its an amazing thing really, since this is only the beginning of the year.

The thing that I've realized most is how exciting and fun and unpredictable life can be. I'm struggling a little bit keeping my mind in a peaceful positive place but I'm hoping that I can force it to stay there.

I can't wait to see what March has to bring...


Approachable Art said...

Sweetie, holy cow, you've been prolific!! I agree that getting these works photographed it essential- you either have a fabulous private collection going, or the next hot ticket item for your etsy!

The fabric, save it or use it? I say a little of both.

Lynn, this is a HUGE amount of completed work, I bet you're thrilled when you look at all of it (to me it looks like POTENTIAL.)

Carol Soderlund said...

It is so neat to see the results of several months of hard work in one place. I think that keeping some as samples and using the rest is the way to go. You have planted many seeds....

janice said...

Lynn What a wonderful group.I say use it when it fills a need in a project or if a piece speaks and says use me use me. I agree with Carol I would save a few, -- maybe your favorites and keep them as samples. I am thinking that your work will continue to evolve and should you need a bunch of samples in the future you will want them to represent your current direction. For ones that don't speak to you -- sell them on esty. In the past I have bought fabric and then didn't use it and have since moved on from the items the fabric was purchased for and so it sits. I imagine that this could happen to some of these pieces if you don't do something with them in the short term.