15 February 2011

recap of Guest Curator blog links

A few people emailed me asking where the 14 blogs were that I listed during my week as Guest Curator on Crescendoh.com.

Two were listed every day so it changed continuously. In case you weren't glued to computer in anticipation of what they would be each day, I thought I'd provide the links here as well in case you missed it. They are links to specific posts and I'll be honest, I had a tough time picking just fourteen. I read a lot of blogs and I think there are so many awesome and interesting artists/bloggers out there.

When I originally made my list, I have thirty-three. Then I spent a couple of weeks whittling it down. In a way I sort of felt like I was picking a team in gym class and I felt all guilty about the ones that I left out.

I also had to pick one of my own posts (again, felt like I was picking which one of my kids is a favorite, felt a little twitchy about it) but I eventually singled out loving the imperfect print.

But here is the list. It goes to specific posts but I really encourage you to look at the rest of the blogger's blog, there's some really cool stuff there.

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Approachable Art said...

Yummy, some of my favs are in here, too.. I love Melody's blog, and the work Ms. Williamson is doing is nothing short of genius. Thanks for the links, found a couple new blogs that will be fun to follow, too. The sunflowers really spoke to me.