05 February 2011

inquiring minds want to know...

I love Blogger. I really do. But sometimes it battles the snot out of me when I want to do something and I find myself cursing it and giving it dirty looks.

I've been trying to create a poll for a couple of days. Yes, I know I can make a widget for the side bar, but I wanted it to be in a post. Not so easy. There are tons of free survey makers out there on the market but I'd get through creating the little fellow and then find out that it doesn't play well with Blogger.


I didn't find one survey / poll maker that liked me. (I'm kind of starting to take it a little personally.)

Basically I figured that since you are all the definition of super awesomeness, I didn't need no stinking poll. I'd just put the questions in a post and ask you to leave a comment. You will right? Of course you will, I have no doubt.

So here's what's been on my mind. I've had requests for screen printed fabric. Some people have let me know that they dig the thermofax screens but they don't really want to go to the work of making the fabric.

That's cool. I totally understand. (I feel that way a little bit about dyeing. I really have to work up the strength to go through all the work that involves.)

I've been wondering then if its something I should add to the shop. But I'd like to know what you guys think! So please be a dear and leave a comment on this post and let me know your thoughts. You can choose more then one answer to the question.


Would you buy screen printed fabric from the shop?

1) Sure! I'd love fat quarters!

2) You bet'cha! But I'd prefer larger sizes like half a yard.

3) Great idea! I think charm packs would be nifty!

4) Its a nice thought but I'll print my own.


Approachable Art said...

Well, you know me... any excuse to screen my own stuff and I'll take it. I still think it's an excellent idea, and it certainly can't hurt anything to try, right?

curlysusieQ said...

I would say give it a go with fat quarters.

Vicki W said...

I agree, I print my own but there are all kinds of customers out there and I would think that fat quarters would be popular.

Jackie K. said...

Hmm, I'd love to give screen printing a go - yet I'm trying to focus nowadays and not get into any new techniques for a bit. So I'd be interested in the printed fabrics, fat quarter sized. Would it be your design or mine?

Gisela Towner said...

Well, you know I love doing my own, but it is messy-takes-a-lot-of-space-and-time-and-a-lot-of-cleaning-up type work, that not everyone is inclined or able to do, so I'm sure there's a market.

Having said that, keep in mind that it will be taking up your time and space.
I'm doing so much snow dyeing right now(to sell), that I'm not really feeling like doing my own art.

I know your time will be more precious when you return to work, so make sure you reserve some time for making your own art.

Leann said...

I think fat quarters would be the way to go, it's big enough to do something but affordable and small enough to be an impulse. A few charm packs would be a good way to go, too. Try a few, I bet they'll sell!

Bonita Rose said...

soon, I'll be selling my own fat quarters on my site, so I definitely think that's the way to go.
Hugs. xo
I'm going to be expanding my art business to include handpainted and artsy fat quarters and more!

wlstarn said...

Of course, pre printed fabric opens up a lot of possibilities: What color do you print it on? Print it with? Muslin, cotton, Kona cotton, sateen, etc? I sell on etsy, and sometimes, you just have no clue ahead of time what will be popular.

Karen Minturn Brown said...

Maybe; I would want 3 yards or so. May not do very well because there are sites like Spoonflower out there already. OTOH, you could offer a better selection of fabrics...

Sherry said...

Too many variables, too much work for the payoff. Your business is an enabling and encouraging one for artists to do their own printing, so keep the focus on what you do so well. Your reputation is excellent and growing!

KMY said...

I agree w/the previous poster's opinion but wanted to add that I'd buy in 1-yd increments.