09 February 2011

100 things to be happy for

I was watching a cable morning show while I drank my morning coffee today. Some obscure thing that I had never heard of before and in all honesty, not something I think I'll watch again. Mostly because it was a real downer. (Ordinarily I watch Fraiser re-runs in the morning. Sounds corny, I know, but starting the day laughing is never a bad thing.)

One of the things this morning show was talking about was a study that was done in which people were asked to list 100 things that made them happy.

Most people couldn't do it.

So I got to thinking about my own corner of the world. You know, I think the thing that a lot of people don't realize is that sometimes its the little bitty things that make you happy. They may seem like meaningless material things but we all keep them around for a reason, right? More often then not, its because they made us smile for a moment. Big things, little things, medium things...they are all important in the grand scheme of life.

So I'm going to make my own list. Want to join me? I bet it won't be as hard as you think it is. Give it a go...

100 things that make me happy

1. Dooley love. (Especially when he brings me fries...)

2. Funny tv shows.

3. Art.

4. My red flannel pajamas with scotties and westies on them.

5. My ipod with the latest Angry Birds update on it.

6. Plushie piggies posed to strike.

7. A beautiful home to live in.

8. My family.

9. Independence.

10. Wool sweaters.

11. The seasons. (Even though I gripe about the death grip cold of winter and the burning ball of fire in the sky during the summer, I'd hate to live anywhere else. Michigan has a nice mix of seasons.)

12. Books, good stories, authors with outstanding imaginations that let me fall into other worlds.

13. Coffee.

14. Coffee. (It bears repeating.)

15. Being able to shake King Kong around without getting clubbed by his giant fist.

16. Chocolate.

17. Peace of mind.

18. My Chevy. (Love me my Chevy.)

19. My red hair.

20. Knowing that when the weather warms up, my father's roses will bloom again.

21. My blog. :)

22. This necklace. And the inspiration it gives me every time I wear it.

23. All of my artistic friends. They inspire and keep me on my toes.

24. Birds on a wire.

25. A brother who is an outstanding photographer.

26. Post-it notes.

27. Fleece blankets.

28. Dyeing fabric.

29. My mac laptop.

30. Orange walls in my bedroom.

31. Being an automotive engineer. Auto is in my blood, several generations and I'm proud of it.

32. Knowing that I am loved.

33. Thermofax screens. (You didn't think I'd leave them out, did you?)

34. The incredible imagination of all the artists I get to work with through my shop.

35. Knowing that I can do anything when I set my mind to it.

36. My creative life. Things would be so dim without it.

37. Napping. :)

38. Knitting.

39. And the wooly monsters who make it possible.

40. Julia Child. The woman really knew how to cook. (And anyone who puts stuff back in the skillet after she's accidentally flung it out while on camera without flinching is a hero in my book.)

41. Never knowing what will come around the next corner.

42. Where I Stand Sundays.

43. Ani Difranco. (Her voice is astounding.)

44. Grapefruit.

45. Chocolate chip cookies. (To balance out the grapefruit.)

46. Scarves. As evidenced by the museum in my room.

47. Journaling.

48. Solitude and quiet, having time to just think and be still.

49. Hand made pottery.

50. The fact that there is always something new to learn.

51. Snow puddles.

52. Perfume oil from the hippy store. (Love the hippy store. Mystic Blend and Vanilla are my favorites.)

53. Clive Owen. (Pretty self explanatory, right?)

54. Turquoise nail polish.

55. The moments I take for myself to meditate each day.

56. My spinning wheel. (Even though it doesn't see as much action as I would like it to.)

57. Living in a small town.

58. Cupcakes.

59. Coffee. (Yeah, I said it again.)

60. Barbara Kingsolver - her novels are heartbreaking and beautiful.

61. Funky yarn holders.

62. Markers for art journals. I have dozens and can't stop buying them. Love love love markers.

63. Beer. (Bass is my favorite.)

64. Friends with pink hair - that is also sometimes blue or purple or magenta.

65. Homemade bread.

66. Dr. Pepper.

67. Craft books, knitting books, sewing books, crochet books - books.

68. Naps in sun puddles.

69. My lime green lunch bag.

70. The fact that my toothache has gone away. :)

71. This quote: Barn's burnt down, now I can see the moon.

72. Peeps. (I believe the only real Peeps are Easter Peeps.)

73. Writing. I love to write. Do it all the time, on the blog, in journals, in notebooks...if its a flat surface and I have a pen, its fair game.

74. Rusty old trucks.

75. Knowing that mistakes are part of living and learning.

76. This blog. It makes me feel like I'm in yoga class but its being taught by a fiber artist. Very soothing and thoughtful.

77. The color orange.

78. Plaid fabric.

79. Knowing that spring is around the corner and soon these will be everywhere.

80. IKEA. :)

81. True Blood. (Eric Northman anyone?)

82. Ornately carved gravestones from the 1800s.

83. Peach scented shampoo.

84. Root beer floats.

85. The design wall in my studio that is constantly changing and updating and transforming itself into new projects.

86. Birdhouses.

87. Bird nests.

88. Day of the dead figures (I expect that's what I will look like by the time I finish my novel.)

89. Shoes with furry linings.

90. Moody skies that look like abstract paintings.

91. Baking.

92. The days when I loose myself in a project, not noticing when the clock winds through the entire day without me noticing.

93. The unexpectedness of it all.

94. Grumpy plushies that double as pincushions.

95. Shadows.

96. Love.

97. The baby who had hiccups when I was waiting in line at the grocery checkout. (She giggled after each one, it was adorable.)

98. Orange cutting boards.

99. Making lists. (Remember, Lists are my superpower.)

100. Goats that smile for the camera.

What makes YOU happy? :)


Linda Teddlie Minton said...

This LIST made me happy! Thank you so much!

P.S. Eric Northman, definitely!

Sweeter Hours said...

This is fantastic! In no particular order, I am thankful for the color yellow, lavender, pink pigs, the dollar store and Ben & Jerry's.

LaurelsArt said...

Ahhh... I like your coffee inclusion.
I'm gonna have to think about my own list and post it in the next few days. Do you mind my copying? You have inspired me to remember the good things we take for granted.

Deb H said...

This is fabulous Lynn, a reminder that little things count too! But I'm still not sure coffee should count for three ;o)

Joy said...

#24 Birds on a wire - ME TOOOOO!!!!!!!

I loev love love them. They delight and inspire me. And I have a quilt of them planned in my head waiting to get out.

Love the list, Lynn! I need to write my own. :o)