16 February 2011

3 Creative Stuidos guest artist

3 Creative Studios Badge

Do you know about 3 Creative Studios?

If you don't, you're really missing a party. Its a most awesome online studio run by the fantabulous Vicki Welsh and Teri Stegmiller. They have tons of free projects and loads of challenges to keep you inspired and humming along in your studio.

(I fully intend to join them in their Journal Quilt Project just as soon as my schedule stops trying to squash me like a bug. Got sketches, just need a few moments to make them go. Check out all the awesome quilts that have been made so far, aren't they cool???)

I really admire what they do. They put a ton of work and effort into everything that goes on there and it really shines through in every way possible.

A couple of months ago they asked me if I would be interested in being the Guest Artist for a month for 3CS. It took me about a nano second to say Y-E-S! :)

I'll be the Guest Artist from Feb 16 - March 15. Part of my residency includes providing the Technique of the Month. So that means I'll be doing what I do best - attempting to convert more people into thermofax screen printing junkies. (Are you shocked in any way?? Come now, you can't possibly be.)

I will also have the privilege of appearing on their blog a few times. They've posted One an interview today and another is a special project that I created just for my residency. So be sure to check in there throughout the month - I'll give a shout out here as a reminder.

So head on over there. Stay a while. Check out my basic screen printing videos (posted there and in this post as well) if you've not seen them before (which will begin your journey to the dark side, trust me) and be sure to give Vicki and Teri some love - they totally deserve it!

Basic Screen Printing Using Thermofax Screens


janice said...

Lynn. Congratulations, really awesome exposure and you deserve it. I actually saw it in their newsletter before coming over here to see it on your blog. I have screened some of my scarves and will be placing them in the Flick group. Of course I will mention you as the source of my custom screens.

Leann said...


Vicki W said...

We are excited to have you in the Studio this month!

Deb H said...

The interview is wonderful and the project is awesome! My fiber art group meets tonight to play with paint sticks on fabric, i think i'll bring some screens too and a link to your project for all to have something to make with the awesome samples we will be printing tonight!
Thanks Lynn, you share so much!!

jen said...

Hi Lynn, I have ordered the Art and Fear book from Amazon but it might not get here (Australia) until the Middle of March, I will try and read quickly and keep up. Just going to see the 3 creative studios now! Thanks for everything. Jen Pezaro