26 February 2011

acknowledging the sacred

Last week I returned to the work force full time.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss my studio.

But I spent the week planning what I wanted to do in there today and when I walked in, I realized something:

My studio space is sacred.

Might sound corny and overblown but think about it...its such a personal space. A place where no one complains if we hang up something on the wall that only we like or the place where we can leave out the unfinished projects and piles of fabric.

We can even step all over them if the mood strikes.

I realized something today as I sat there in the stillness and just looked around. I'm totally lucky in every way that I have a whole separate room to work in and keep things (other members of the household feel the same since it minimizes how much gets trailed around the rest of the house.) But its more then just a room.

Its a state of mind.

I carry it with me no matter where I am.

My studio is the small journal I keep in my bag, the meditation music I have on my ipod, the daydream that passes through my mind in the middle of the day.

Its the place where the sacred belongs. I'd never really given it a name before but there's really no other way to describe it.

Do you feel it? I know you do. Its part of why we create, I think. This sacredness. This absolute separateness from the rest of our lives that can't be touched by anything but creativity.



Bonita Rose said...

so beautiful I feel the same way about my space... xo thks for writing this.. I am completely with you on this.. it is sacred. so so sacred. xo

JolieArt said...

Beautifully put! Being in my own studio makes me feel so warm and fuzzy. I currently have 30 paintings on the walls, covering every available surface and I just love being surrounded by art. I also love being able to close the door and get lost in the magic of creating art, as well as just leave it when I'm done. You're right, we're blessed to have such a place to call our own.

Approachable Art said...

"Do you feel it?"

In every breath.

Deb H said...

This was a slap to the forehead. I have not treated my studio with the respect a sacred space deserves lately.
We both have suffered for it. Thanks for the perspective!

Sue Bleiweiss said...

oh yea, I definitely feel it!

laura said...

lovely, beautifully said.
Print this out
Post where you see it from the corner of your eye, when least expected.

"the studio" whether a separate space or the "studio between the ears is to be cherished and honored.

Lesley Riley said...

I love it when people can put feelings into beautiful words.

Sequana said...

Feel it, feel it, feel it. Thx for putting it into such beautiful words.

dsigns said...

Yes, I feel it! I get a warm and comfortable feeling when I step into my studio. There's no right or wrong there.

Thanks for expressing that feeling in beautiful words. You have a gift!