27 September 2009


...which is just another way of saying random. (Sorry, got tired of the same title.)

1) The American Sewing Expo was this past weekend. One of the exhibits was Off the Wall, an exhibit of 3-dimensional fiber art hosted by the members of Running with Scissors. Here is a shot of the exhibit (click to make it capacious (or big, whichever you prefer):

Its pretty nifty, a real variety of ideas in the group.

2.) Cathy is here, sitting on the sofa next to me with her mac laptop in her lap. I have my mac laptop in my lap. Does this make us geeks? (Don't answer that.) I showed her this photo I took of her an threatened to post it and she said she didn't care. Let's test that theory, shall we?

3.) I like this picture.

4.) Dooley has several ailments right now. He is a somewhat difficult patient. It is his preference to be glued to me for every possible second. It is pathetic and endearing all at the same time.

5.) Dexter premiered tonight. It makes me all geeky happy in a completely sick and twisted way. John Lithgow is on this season as a rival serial killer. Should be a killer season (sorry, couldn't resist).

6.) Next weekend, Mary, Kate & I are going here. We're setting up an art quilt exhibit and as we are all knitters (and I'm a spinner), we are generally thrilled to be hanging out with sheep for a whole weekend.

7.) I've set a goal to open an etsy store by the end of the year. My hope is that by publishing it here for all of you to see that I will be shamed into exile if I don't accomplish it. (Or at the very least, feel really really bad if I don't make good on it.)

8.) Kate, however, has already opened her etsy shop. Its way cool. Check out Oma's Patch.

That's all I've got. Cathy just pointed out that I've been working on this post for about an hour now. I should shut up now. There is a fly in here the size of an airplane, Cathy is on a mission to squash it dead for me. Oh wait, she was successful! Nothing like an ottoman and an empty kleenex box that can be wielded as a weapon...on that note...I'll be on my way now...


Kim Hambric said...

Looking forward to that Etsy store.

Sorry about Dooley. Hope he gets better.

Can't deal with that Dexter show. Too much, even for me. I'm sure one of these days I'll break down and rent them from Netflix.

Leann said...

Breaking Traditions and Off the Wall rocked! The displays were great!

Cathy is strange.

Dooley glue, much like Velcro.

Can't take Dexter, too strange.

Oma's patch=very cool.

Yarnhog said...

I think the whole knitting and blogging thing probably makes us all geeks. That's okay. Bill Gates is a geek, too. (I remind my little science geeks of that as necessary.)

Oma's Patch said...

I think Rob is happy this Marshall show is the last one for a while, he is grumpy because I keep going away.
Thanks for the plug on my etsy shop =)
Can't wait to see what goodies you put up.