02 September 2009

taking a breath

Fabrications is in full mad swing...fabric and thickened dyes are flying everywhere and all you hear are squeals in the hallways as women spontaneously explode into inappropriate loudness (which we love).

The Raddison is treating us like we are goddesses (which we also love) and the sports bar is even willing to let us commandeer a room tomorrow night so we can watch Project Runway and do shots every time Tim Gunn says "Make It Work" (they obviously don't know what they've gotten themselves into, I will be bringing the camera).

I have much to show you (last count was that there are over 200 photos on the camera, Cathy has squirrled it away, I may never get it back) but there are seven reasons this post is going to not have any of those photos:

1) I'm exhausted.

2) Cathy is exhausted.

3) The cable for my camera is downstairs, a full five floors below us. Which feels like a tremendously long and annoying journey for the two reasons listed above.

4) Cathy is currently practicing guitar for a wedding she is playing at and its like my own personal concert that I don't want to disturb.

5) I'm exhausted.

6) My fingers are covered in so much dye that its hard to tell if they will ever return to their normal color. (This has nothing to do with the lack of pictures, just felt like telling ya...)

7) Mostly because I'm exhausted.

I have enough material to feed the blog for a few weeks and have every intention of doing so. This task will be made easier by the fact that Cathy runs from room to room like a maniac taking pictures of everyone. So once she finally digs out the cable, we should be good. Tonight we are ordering room service and watching Lord of the Rings (yes we are geeks, shoosh.)

Carry on, I'll be back soon....


mary said...

you guys sound like you are having a blast!
i miss you all
i miss being there
next year FOR SURE
i cant wait to hear all about it!

kathy n said...


Leann said...

Seriously, a shot for every "make it work"? You guys are going to be blotto, and the Raddison will be rich.

Jackie K. said...

Such joy in this blog post.
Have fun!!

Terri Stegmiller said...

very jealous...

Joan said...

So, so very jealous, of the dyed fingers as well as the shots!

Naner Lady said...

We only heard "Make it work" a couple times. I think the volume battle with whatever was going on in the other area caused us to miss some. We did cheers in stead since there was various conversation going on, I do love being a Vodka girl, two big drinks and felt nothin'