01 October 2009

i need a medic! stat!

I was tooling around today, tidying up a bit (I know, record the date). Things around the house have gotten a little out of hand with all that has been going on, especially all the exhibits. The last for the year hangs this weekend at the Fiber Arts & Animals Festival in Marshall, MI which is sure to be a good time.

I was feeling all zen and pleased and generally content...until I saw it.

Can't see it? Here's a closer shot:

Part of Babette's guts have been ripped open.

There was a mild amount of shock followed by some not so mild cussing. I'm not really sure how this happened. In all honesty, up until this past week, its not been cool enough for blankets so she hasn't seen a lot of action yet. And Dooley doesn't get to lay on her (he tends to like to fluff his blankets in a totally OCD manner, a habit which lends itself to injuries like those seen above) so I know he didn't do it.

My poor Babette. If she could whimper I know she would. Who wouldn't with their guts all hanging out like that? Especially if some sadistic witch came along and stuck her finger in the injury to boot...

I'm not entirely sure what my options are for fixing her. My first reaction was to slog upstairs to my studio and just grab a new square (we are all stocked up on those after all) but figured that would present issues since the line of yarn used to sew it together is likely long and would effect more of the squares around it.

I also considered staples and crazy glue but neither of those sound comfortable to sleep under so I skipped them.

I'll have to figure out how to recreate the center round. It will be a few weeks before I can sit down and do it. In the mean time, I folded her wound to the inside and placed her in the other room.

*sigh* My poor girl...


Stephanie said...

I have a blanket my mom knit for me with an almost identical wound, let me know what you figure out!

Anonymous said...

I had a hole just like that in one my mother made. Just get some needlepoint wool about the same shade and thread a large needle and go through the stitches that haven't been cut - you can made new stitches by sewing more until you have covered the whole. I have to look hard to see which one I mended. "Good luck"

Yarnhog said...

I think if you pulled out the white part, you could re-crochet it from the outside in, if that makes sense.

Yarnhog said...

So, ironically, when I got in bed last night, I discovered that Heidi had been digging at the Giant Granny Square Scrapghan, apparently arranging it to her satisfaction, and tore a very similar hole in it! So now I get to put my theory into practice. Sigh.