06 September 2009

Fabrications Retreat - Blurred Boundaries exhibit

Full view of the exhibit space

Blurred Boundaries made its debut run at the Fabrications Retreat this year. The exhibit, juried by Virginia Spiegel and curated by myself, featured artwork that explored the mixed media side of fiber art. We had artwork from all across the United States and the show was varied and exciting.

The show was set up in the common area, allowing it to be seen constantly throughout the week. In addition to retreat attendees as an audience, many people made a special trip out to experience it.

Throughout the week, viewers were asked to vote for the piece in the show that was their favorite. The winner receives a $100 People's Choice Award. The artwork with the most votes was Sidney Savage Inch's piece, My Muse: I Must Wait While She Grows:

Congratulations Sidney!

Several pieces from the show sold and there was a constant stream of inquires about the artists and compliments about the work. It was a real honor to curate this show and get to work with all these wonderful artists. The show will run again next year and we have some exciting additions to it. More prizes will be offered and the show will be open to international participants as well.

Many thanks to Cathy Arnett for the opportunity to put the show together, to Virginia Spiegel for her time as juror and to all the artists for sharing their artwork.

There is a catalog available for this year and as soon as it is ready for sale, it will be announced here. Until then, please enjoy the photos of the installation and we hope to see you all again next year!

from left to right:
Blue Ice
by Linda Bachman

r by Wen Redmond

Moon Muse
by Debra Shaffer

Fairytale Forest
by Kristin LaFlamme

by Clairan Ferrono

My Muse: I Must Wait While She Grows
by Sidney Savage Inch

Three Weird Sisters
by Wen Redmond

Pink Fish
by Betty Busby

from left to right:
Frog Fish
by Betty Busby

by Clairan Ferrono

by Terri Stegmiller

Ocean's Roar
by Wen Redmond

Imprint II
by Nancy Kimpel

Making My Own Quilt I
by Anne Hiemstra

Fish Lips
by Betty Busby

Body Lore 3
by Kari Souders

Coral Sands by Jacquie Stone

from left to right:
Crop Circles
by Lynn Krawczyk

Roundabout Journey
by Irene Peake

Playing with Fire
by Sally Richards

from left to right:
He's Left the Building
by Marjorie DeQuincy

Marrakesh Espresso
by Anne French & Nancy Beeman

from left to right:
Pueblo I
by Anne Hiemstra

Pink House
by Kristin LaFlamme
Fabric Books
by Laura Cater-Woods

from left to right:
Recyled Remnants-Worn Pink
by Rebekah Meier

My Muse Box
by Jacqueline Lams

by Elizabeth Fife

Human Nature 7
by Virginia Spiegel

Negative Tensions
by Mary Nelson Zadrozny


Kristin L said...

For those of us who couldn't be at the show -- thanks for sharing!! It looks beautiful and makes me wish even more that i could have seen all the artwork in person.

Anonymous said...

Wow, will look forward to the catalog.Congrats to Sidney!

madhatter said...

thanks for sharing pictures of the exhibition!
I cannot see it in person, but I am happy having seen a few pictures of it!

laura west kong said...

What fun ... thanks for sharing!

WEN Redmond said...

Thank you for sharing the photos of the show- It looks TERRIFIC! I definitely would be interested in the catalog.