13 June 2009

told you so

I don't know how many of you doubted my last post. (I sort of did too, its okay.) But I'm extremely proud to report that I was successful in my mission.

I'd like to say that I floated in there with a smile on my face and hummed happily to myself as I picked through everything and put it in its happy little nooks where it sighed with glee at finally having a home.

But that would make me a dirty liar.

I didn't want to do it. But more then not wanting to do it, I didn't want it to be messy anymore. So I did it. Oddly enough, it only took three hours, no where near the epic event that I had built up in my mind. (Its given me courage to battle a mini mess downstairs. Wish me luck on that one.)

Lest you think I'm being overdramatic, I give you proof of the heinousness:


How does this continue to happen? I think I finally figured it out.

See this?

That there are the baggies of embellishments/threads/materials that I put together when I was in Open Studios at the International Quilt Festival - a year ago.

I'm a pile maker. And while the piles aren't messy, there are a lot of them and they don't seem to get put away until I become homicidally irritated with them and want to set them on fire. (What's even worse is that I've only finished one piece that I started then. Oops. When I realized that I left the baggies in tact so I could do the others. Do you see a cycle here?)

Last weekend Mary and I visited the almighty IKEA and each picked up some organizers from the children's section. I already had one and picked up a couple more. I ended up putting them all on top of each other and building a tower of organization.

It resulted in this:

And no, I did not simply push all the baskets into the hallway so I could fake photos of a clean studio.

I'm totally digging this arrangment. Pushing those two tables together have given me quite a sizable work space. I can't wait to make a mess in there again. (Although I am apparently concerned that the world will run out of scissors (I have seven pairs), glue (I lost count of how many bottles I had) and matte medium (I plead the fifth). I am all set on those three counts.)

Which is a good thing because I really do need to deal with this:

This is the pile of completed and work in progress pieces. Its big. I don't know what to do about it. Its something to work on.

My motivation is waning, it doesn't help that Dooley just jumped up on the sofa and laid his head on my leg while I'm doing this. Hmmm...soft warm westie cuddling, overcast grey day, big thing accomplished and no need to be anywhere. What a lovely day.


Yarnhog said...

Now that is a nice piece of work! Sounds like you've earned an afternoon on the sofa with a warm dog. And if you were to, say, start putting together a Babette while watching a movie, all the better. ;)

FunkyC said...

Wow! It looks GREAT! Congratulations!. Rock on with the nap. You can start picking away at the UFO pile when you're rested.

kathy n said...

You don't have enough scissors...

mary said...

i can attest to its untidyness last weekend when we did indeed return from mighty ikea...my little studio area was a bit nasty too..but so much better after the ikea trip! (thanks again for the rocking bday gift)
ok so yes i love it...now if i come over to create we have table space for both of us!
on a plus note for me i have finished the glass shard quilt!
so delaying photos today worked in both our favors!!!

Jean Baardsen said...

I think we generate so many UFOs because we lose interest and don't really like them enough to finish them. At one point, I tossed most of mine and never missed them. I don't even remember what they were. It left me free to try other things and techniques that I'd become more interested in. Your studio looks great!