29 June 2009

higher on the right, a little closer to the left

Yesterday was hanging day at the 212 Arts Center for the 2008 Breaking Traditions Art Quilt Exhibit. Its traveling around to a few places before it finally goes home to the artists and July will be spent hanging in the lovely 212.

Lots of art to hang.

I love that place, its a converted old house. I'm a huge fan of old fashioned houses, anything arts and crafts style makes me stupid happy. So it was no great burden to spend part of the day there hanging artwork. (Its also where I snagged the most recent Where I Stand picture. I so dig big porches. *sigh*)

I was accompanied by two saints, otherwise known as Leann and Kat. Since I am broken (aka bad back), I struggle with things that involve moving heavy objects around or climbing ladders. These two ladies saved me. They hammered in nails, stood on dressers (well, Leann did although it was Kat who suggested it) and patiently put up with me standing there saying, "Nope, not level, bring it up a little on the left." I pointed and directed and stuck labels on the walls. They did the heavy lifting and I'm hugely grateful, the show looks fantastic. (There will be official pictures of it once the opening reception happens, we hung it on a sunday so there were some other things going on that made it not picture perfect.)

All hail Leann and Kat.

Afterward, Kat invited us back to her place to visit her stash. You didn't have to ask us twice. Kat is extremely prolific in her work and we were curious to see her work space. Here's one fabric wall:

Leann and I decided we needed to have a serious chat with Kat. We feel that she needs to stop being afraid to use color and needs to incorporate prints into her work, she's obviously quite repressed. (Luckily Kat appreciates our dry sarcastic humor.)

It was astounding. I could have just sat there and stared at all of it, stunning.

Today was much less fun. I had to go to the dentist to have him redo a cavity filling from three weeks ago that just wouldn't stop hurting. I was leery. I'm by no means squeamish about the dentist but for whatever reason, the darn thing rebelled against the novocaine the last time and I felt way more then I wanted to. So I asked him to make sure it was super super super numb this time and he obliged.

Its five hours later and I'm just now beginning to feel the right side of my face. Thanks doc.

I'm a bit antsy today. Not sure what I want to pick away at. I feel like making something but nothing is grabbing me and pulling me in. Its entirely obnoxious.

But Dooley dog has some excellent news. He finally got groomed and is looking rather spiffy. He loves to ride in the car and I snapped this shot of him when we were stopped at a light.

Something has his rapt attention. I'm just excited to see his eyes again now that the fur has been sheared back. (That poor groomer, she probably needed a weed whacker to accomplish the task this time. We gave her a bigger then usual tip. A good groomer is like a good hair stylist, once you find one you like you worship at their feet to stay in their good graces since they possess the power to make you look funny.)

I think I'm going to wander into my studio and see if anything looks exciting. I hate these restless kinds of days. There has to be something around here to do...


Leann said...

Anytime, girl. I'd so much rather hold and nail and level and stand on dressers than make the decisions about what goes where. You have the vision. (And now Dooley has vision, too!)

Anonymous said...

Lynn, wish I could see that show in that gallery. I've been there to see Kat's show and thought it was the most charming venue.