10 June 2009

i'm noticing a trend...

I thought long and hard about what kind of blog post would be fun and entertaining to read and really, I came up bust. Life is about the equivalent of a month long root canal without novocaine right now and it does no one any good to listen to me gripe about it.

So I got to flipping through my photo library trying to find something interesting to write about and I noticed a recurring theme.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Little man seems to stalk me wherever I go. Even though he flees from the camera when I take it out, he manages to wedge himself between it and me every chance he gets.

Here he is again in an unsuccessful stealth attack mode:

Employing the powers of his cuteness:


No matter how bad the day is, its nice to know I come home to this. A bouncing furball of love.

Life can't be all bad as long as there is that.


Yarnhog said...

My dog got me through many a long, horrible day when I worked in Russia.

I notice your carpets and furniture are color coordinated to Dooley's hair. Is that a coincidence, or good planning?

kathy n said...

Girlchild says "awww" and "he looks kind of mad."

Why do you think I have so many freakin' animals???

FunkyC said...

And you complain about pics of my daughter?!? I think you win the prize for this one.

The only saving grace is that he is truly adorable.

And you also win the prize for making me laugh this morning. With all the pictures together, it's as if he's some kind of demented stalker hiding in a cute suit.

Martha-Del Sol Quilts said...

I enjoyed looking at the photos of Dooley. My Westie licks his paws (a habit he started when we moved to Austin from Mich) and the enzymes in his saliva make the fur red/brownish color.
Your doggie looks so white!! OK, enough about the dogs...
I can't wait to see photos of the show in Kalamazoo....