12 June 2009

i'm noticing another trend

Every Friday, usually around lunchtime when the reality of the weekend is definite, I pull out a piece of paper and make my to do list for the weekend.

Mostly it just proves how delusional I am. It usually has between fifteen to twenty things that are all incredibly time consuming and would basically take me a solid two weeks of doing nothing else to accomplish much less two days.

So I jot all these things down at work when I'm in full throttle getting-all-my-crap-done-and-I-can-accomplish-all-of-this-no-problem mode.

Then I get home and I realize...I'm tired. I look at the list again and start weeding things down to a more doable list. And then I decide that there's no use even bothering to do the things left on the list because really, I won't finish them anyway so why should I even bother to try. (This is the reasoning that has resulted in the Babette Blankets still not being finished.)

That's when I end up sitting on the sofa eating a brownie and surfing etsy for yarn.

Another such list followed me home today. Its been whittled, its been scowled at, its been stuffed underneath a couple of books. In all honesty, there's no reason I can't get at least one thing done on that list this weekend. Its the first one in a while where I don't have something planned on either day so I've decided to sequester myself and take care of the mother of all problems: my studio.

I know I moan and groan about it but I've turned it into the biggest excuse for why I don't do things.

I'd finish that art quilt if my studio was clean.

I'd practice my spinning more if my studio was clean.

I'd photograph my new work and start listing it for sale on etsy if my studio was clean.

I'd make larger work if my studio was clean.

The studio has become an enabler of excuses. So I've decided that everything else on the list can wait except that.

The studio and I have a date tomorrow. I'm going to find the floor once and for all. I'm not going to do anything else but clean it. And I have this crazy notion that since I won't be in a huge rush to get it done, it might go more smoothly.

So I leave you with another photo of my furry baby. (Because I hate posting without pictures and because Cathy told me that she just loves all the pictures of him so I aim to please her.)

I chuckled when I saw Yarnhog's picture of her sitting on the sofa with the laptop and her dogs lounging with her. That's mine and Dooley's routine as well. But since I have stumpy little arms that will not allow me to take a picture of us both, I give you my view of him.

I'll post tomorrow on the cleaning status.

1 comment:

Yarnhog said...

And such a beautiful boy he is, too!

Good luck with the studio. I can't think in a messy space, much less be creative, so I can see why it would be a great excuse.