30 June 2009

have you ever wondered?

I'm a huge fan of Jeanne Williamson's work. I'm especially fascinated with her Orange Construction Fence series. Its been so interesting to follow it as she's worked on it over the years.

And now she's doing something that I'm very intrigued by.

A little while back she decided to set up two of her pieces outside. Just to see what would happen to them when they were left exposed to the elements over long periods of time.

She's tracking the progression of time on her blog. If you haven't checked her out before, I highly recommend it. Especially on this project.

As a fiber artist I often wonder how long my work will last. Textiles seem to have a fairly healthy life span but they need to be handled with great care compared to some other mediums. It has its limits. And it looks like Jeanne is working hard to figure out just what they are.

Pretty darn cool.

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