17 June 2009

random acts of toys

Okay, I admit it. The blog posts about the blanket that refuses to be finished and the antics of Dooley are bound to wear thin soon (if they haven't already. If they have and you've remained silent then I thank you for your tact.)

So since I am dreadfully lacking in anything thrilling at the moment, I wanted to tell you about a friend of mine who has tons of thrilling going on all of the time.

I give you Kate , a plushie nut.

It is rare to see her without a plushie in tow. And not only do they accompany here everywhere, she makes them - by the truckload.

As exampled below:

Encounters with Kate are always sure to be filled with plushies and smiles. (She is contagiously happy.)

But the thing that is outstanding about her amazing plushie production (all homemade, by the way) is what she does with them.

Check it out:

TTS Valentine Heart Drop 02

She leaves them in random places for other people to have as gifts. For no reason other then she wants to make people happy. She has a blog discussing her toy drops called Naner Lady Toys and a there is a grouping on her flickr site here.

If you read her blog you'll see that this is a movement now that began in Australia and has now been organized into a group called The Toy Society.

I find this incredibly kind and heartwarming and soothing. I thought you might too. Be sure to check the captions on all the places she leaves her toys. It'll make you smile.


Jean Baardsen said...

Okay, you got me - I just joined The Toy Society! Now I'll have to start making little dolls. :o)

Naner Lady said...

Thanks Lynn!
I love making things, I love giving things, so The Toy Society was a great outlet for me.
Yay! One converted already :)