05 June 2009

Good News Giveaway - May's winner & June's artwork

Ginkgo Imprint
Materials: printed image from linocut, hand dyed fabric, painting, hand stitching

Its that time again so let's get to the fun part - who won May's Good News Giveaway?

The all-knowing and wise random number generator pulled number 14 so that makes Tina Marie Rey the winner!

Tina's good news was: After recieving a 50% scholarship to a workshop with Susan Shie this summer and had a very very kind and warm art quilter from the list pay for the remainder of the fee and even the supplies for the class. To know there are people out there in this day and age that are so generous with something that others hold so high on a pedestal that people like me have a hard time attaining extra of is so generous and kind. God bless her and keep her safe.

Congratulations Tina! Send me an email at FibraArtysta@earthlink.net and your little quilt will be on its way to you.

(Also, Elaine M.? If you're out there, please contact me regarding April's Good News Giveaway. Your little quilt is still waiting to be delivered!)

Ginkgo Imprint
(shown at the top of this post) is the next micro mini art quilt that is up for grabs as the June Good News Giveaway. I printed several of these leaf images after experimenting with linocuts. I have a ginkgo tree alongside my driveway that is truly one of the most beautiful trees.

As before, the rules are simple. Here they are again:

Leave a comment on this post to be in the running BUT there are five golden rules you must follow concerning your comment in order to be included in the drawing:

1) Leave a comment about someone or something that is positive and helping to make your life or someone else's life less stressful.

2) NO ANONYMOUS COMMENTS. You have to use at least your first name and the first letter of your last initial. Why? Because there is no way to identify you if you don't. If you leave an anonymous comment, it won't go into the drawing.

3) Keep your comments to no more then five sentences. We don't want to torture Blogger with excessively long comments. (It can be cranky so let's not try.)

4) Comments must appear on this post. I'm a pretty regular blogger so take a gander at my sidebar on the right. You'll see a link list to each post that is a Good News Giveaway so if you don't come to visit on the exact day a new drawing goes up, you can find it easily and still leave a comment.

5) You can't post the same comment twice. The goal of this is to find things in our lives that are positive and make us smile, so look hard if you have to but find it.

You'll have until the last day of each month to comment to win that month's giveaway. The winner will be announced when the next month's giveaway goes up on the 5th of the new month along with the winning comment so everyone can enjoy it.

Happy commenting and thanks to everyone who participates!


FunkyC said...

In two weeks, 35 teen aged youth will be coming to my town. Their purpose: to spend 5 days replacing roofs, building ramps, and generally doing good deeds. Their targets: 5 people who are elderly, handicapped, destitute, or all of the above. It's not Extreme Home Makeover, but for the recipients, it is often a blessing beyond words.

These are teenagers...paying money...to come here and help those in need...over summer break. This gives me great hope for humanity's future.

It is my honor to be their cruise director for the week. I make sure they get to bed on time, wear sunscreen, have fun, and generally become their surrogate Mommy.

Angie in AZ said...

I am going through a really, really difficult time in my life right now and I have my best friend and my therapist right here with me, just a phone call away at any time. I could not be facing my hard life stuff right now without them. They are such blessings!

Robbie Payne said...

Love the Ginkgo! Actually I look at your blog for 'where I stand' blog (and to see 'wooly baby'! Love those!

Mary E. H. said...

My good news:
1. As of this morning's weigh-in, for the first time in 15 years, I'm no longer officially obese--just 40 lb overweight.
2. My mother's COPD is doing better now that our very bad pollen season is over. As a result, her energy levels mental function are imporvied. She and I sat and happily colored together for the first time since I was a very small child.
3. A generous friend gave me tuition to a very enjoyable fiber class last week.

www.welovequilting.com said...

God. He is always here to help us through difficult times and I am so glad that he is there for me to help me through difficult times.

I like to return the favor and help others. I help an Aunt and my sister who has multiple sclerosis.

I am blessed and I give it back.

Connections said...

The National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago decided to leave the "Quilt Me A Story" exhibit up for two extra days. This exhibit was based on a workshop I taught. The last day Socorro's quilt sold! It could not have happened to a nicer or more deserving person.

At our last class (June 6), in addition to celebrating Soco's sale, we also discussed the amazing power of creating art and how it can change your life. Two of the women in the workshop are no longer taking anti-depressants. One woman's blood pressure and sugar levels are stable. Everyone walks through the door smiling and excited. It feels so good to be a part of this wonderful group of women who so trust me to guide them in the creative process. Life is good!

Cherold said...

I've lost 120 lbs since July 08. I am no longer dying and am able to work in my gardens (this feeds my soul) and enjoy my grandchildren even more than usual (this feeds my heart). I have even found my muse again and am starting to do some dyeing/fabric painting/postcards! God is good.

neolasdaughter said...

I donated a quilt for some children who lost their mother to cancer. The benefit was for their education fund and my quilt sold for $550. That's about the best news I could get. I'm so happy it sold for that much.

TextileTraveler said...
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TextileTraveler said...

I had surgery a couple of weeks ago, and I was dreading being in the hospital for a week. I spent several months in the hospital last year, and subsequently developed panic attacks when I even THINK I may have to go back. So here's the good news: I spent a lot of time before the surgery meditating, doing deep-breathing and relaxation exercises, and preparing a quilt top to take with me that I could hand-quilt while there. I made it through the experience with a minimum of anxiety, and I'm starting to feel well enough to get back to my art work. Hurray!

Btw, I love that you not only give away your art, but that you do it by asking people to share good news--what a wonderful thing to do for others. Hugs to you!

Michele G.

Judi said...

I live in a small rural town where in the summer the populations quadruples, we have a small restaurant/tavern where not one but two of their employees had to take time off one because she broke her foot in 5 places and the other because she has cancer. I donated 2 quilts to a silent auction to help pay for medical expenses. We no sooner got this benefit done when a third person who worked there passed away so we had another benefit for her family. I love your small piece and if I won it I would donate it to another cause to raise funds for someone.

Ruth said...

I have found that my time in my studio has been severely limited since my wonderful but blind husband has been put on dialysis and I must drive him to the clinic three times a week. The stay is usually 4 hours before we can come back home. To help me make up for lost time, a very kind and generous neighbor has been coming each evening to walk Lucy, our precious mutt. She will accept no payment for this kindness but I will certainly make a piece of art for her. Ruth C.

lizquilts said...

Lots of good news-- just got back from a quilt show with lots of great classes and inspiration, three weeks to wait to go to a week long retreat with 6 friends, then three weeks later another week long retreat with different friends. I will have no excuse for not completing projects...except maybe that I started too many new ones.

Judy Alexander said...

WOW, how generous of you to give away this beautiful piece of art. I just planned a trip to Disney World with my husband, daughter and 6 year old GD. This should be so much fun!!!!

Carole said...

What a wonderful idea, a precious little piece to give away and good news sharing. Art yahoo groups and blogs like yours keep me inspired and encouraged. Thank you.

Jackie said...

my kids are my source of positiveness... they are fun, loving and wonderful in every way.

TJM wanna be quilt artist said...

I have been very thankful lately for my husband that is encouraging me to pursue my artquilting by talking me into retiring from teaching public school for 35 years...now the fear is setting in and yet he continues to encourage...that makes me thankful

Dianna in Maui said...

Sliding into home at the last minute. I was at a recent conference and planned to share a room with another quilter. Turns out she really, really snored, so I had to get another room. But, as I listened to her snore that first night I realized that she wasn't breathing regularly. When she woke up I asked her if she had been tested for sleep apnea, and she had been putting it off (her doctor recommended it). I told her she should look into it. She got tested when she went home and turns out it was possibly a life saving test. Sure made me happy to be there that first night even though I didn't get much sleep!

Cathy W said...

My good news: a fun, mature mom (OK, I'm over 50) can SURVIVE a week at primitive Boy Scout Summer Camp -- even with the open air showers, camp latrines and over 100degree heat! Does it count that the dining hall was air-conditioned? Hence we could cool off exactly three times a day.

Ahhh, the things we do for and with our kids! Now will I be eager to go again next summer? ask me later ....