14 April 2008

Stick a fork in me...

....I'm done. Oh boy, am I ever tired.

We got home about 2am this morning and my obnoxious internal alarm clock has decided to exercise its right to torture me and keep me awake. (Its the curse of having a work schedule that drags you from you bed at unholy hours most of the week.)

IQF was unbelievable, I have much to share (including a Where I Stand Sunday post that was supposed to go up yesterday) and about a billion photos to edit.

It was a blur. I've always thought its much like Christmas and a wedding...you spend months preparing for it and its done in a blink of an eye. But still totally worth it.

I'll be talkin' at ya soon, but for right now I have a date with the sofa and Dooley. We are going to slug impersonations today.

1 comment:

mary said...

i second that comment about being tired! mark picked me up at the airport and i went home and well lets just say i dont remember much about the day just that i woke up hours later...a good time had by all once again...cathy is a great travel buddy! she adds a good twist to our team.....even if she can't eat right!