22 April 2008

Casting Call

Ladies and Gentleman, in today's performance Lynn will be playing the role of Godzilla and Tokyo will be played by her cell phone.

Guess who lost the battle? I imagine my cell phone looking up at me in horror and screaming. It would have put up its hands to defend itself if it had any.

I have the habit of charging my cell in the car on the way to work. Mostly because when I get home I turn it off and don't think of it again so once I start the next day, I'm yanking it back out of my purse to give it some more juice.

Today was such a day and when I got out of the car this morning, I forgot to grab it. So I ducked back into the car, got it and as I went to stand up, it skittered out of my hand and onto the concrete parking lot.

It most likely would have survived had I not decided to do the I-am-going-to-try-to-go-left-to-avoid-crushing-this dance. In my valiant efforts to avoid obliterating my electronic friend, I stepped on it hard and smooshed it dead.

I tried turning it on when I got to my desk and it just made a choking electronic squeak that kind of resembled a baby pterodactyl.


I now have a new phone and its a (RED) product so at least I can feel good about that.

I called Mary to test out the new phone and she called me back and giggled and said I did a Godzilla to my phone. She is right.



Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard of (RED), thanks for letting us know. Although, I'm surprised you didn't buy a pink cell phone.

mary said...

you know darn well pink is not her thing...silly
its mine...with rhinestones!
(kidding...sort of)
i will now be on the hunt for a mini- godzilla for you lynnie for that he and plastic baby jesus can have adventures....first your phone now the world!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mary, you're weird.