05 April 2008

Meet Hubert

Today a group of us attended a class on how to make sock creatures. This is the one I made, I named him Hubert.

I feel new addiction coming on. I can't help but wonder what all my socks would look like made into odd little monsters. Someone at the class asked if I would use socks that I knitted to make these guys. Clearly she is unaware that I knit at the speed of mud. Its not likely to happen (quick knitting or not).

Deb took lots of pictures today. Check her blog as she'll probably put them up in the next few days. Check her blog now too while you're at it, she's got awesome photos of her trip from Florida which will surely make you jealous and want to stuff yourself into her suitcase when she goes back.

Hubert only took me about an hour to make. He is a bit crooked but I think it adds to his charm. If you were to flip him over, you would see where I had to cut open the back of his head since I wasn't paying close enough attention and stitched shut every seam. Thus preventing such activities as turning the bugger right side out and stuffing him. You know, the unimportant minor stuff.

He's laying on the book Stupid Sock Creatures. I loosely followed the pattern on which is shown next to him. I say loosely because I didn't like the tie tab hook thingy sticking out of his head and I got lazy and didn't put a tail on him. Which I think might have helped make him stand. As it is, he will need to be strung up or skewered to make him stay upright.

I think he needs some friends...

Wendy taught the class and did a fantastic job. Thanks Wendy! You've created many new addicts!

**Kate posted a bunch of pictures of everyone's work as well. Go check it out!

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