27 April 2008

Adding to the addiction...

If you are like me, reading blogs is a huge source of entertainment. I recently added a bunch of new links to my sidebar but thought I would highlight them here as well because they totally rock and I want to spread the addiction.

Here they are:

a place to bark...and meow
This is the blog of Bernie Berlin. She was one of the artists in Open Studios at IQF and not only does she make amazing artwork but she runs a no-kill animal shelter full time. She's awesome!

I met Terry and Michele at IQF and I swear, I could have stood in their booth for hours. They have the most amazing ceramic buttons and embellishments. I was all twitchy with the possibilities. They also create little mixed media pieces with them. I was really lucky to score one of their gorgeous faces for one of my collages, I have plans to use it soon!

This blog belongs to Anne Hanson. She does really amazing knitting patterns. I have the Honeybee Stole. Its a good pattern, if I can follow it, anyone can! I knit at the speed of mud so its questionable as to whether or not I will finish it in this lifetime but that's a reflection on my skills, not the pattern.

Meet Lois Jarvis, a phenomenal rust dyer. I bought a couple pieces of fabric from her at IQF. She combines tannin with the rust dyeing as well and creates these really fascinating gray hues along with the rust. Its really cool to see how she goes about creating these works of art.

StudioLams Weblog
This blog belongs to my friend Jackie and her husband Victor. Jackie is an amazing artist, check her stuff out on her flickr page. The two of them are always up to the most interesting things!

Yarn Pirate
Meet Georgia: awesome knitter, awesome dyer, very good blog. Check it out!

Her motto is "Because there is no such thing as 'too much yarn.'" Gotta love that! Very cool blog, be sure to stop by and read about her knitting adventures.

To be honest, reading blogs are kind of like crack, I just keep finding more that I like and linking to them. Be sure to shop through the links in my sidebar, there's lots of good stuff in there!


tamdoll said...

What a good analogy. I need a blog browsing intervention so I can get off and sew something.

Anonymous said...

Oh cool, Jackie has a blog. Thanks for enabling.