19 April 2008

Art quilts on exhibit, part 1

I promised you all some photos of the amazing art quilts that were on exhibit at IQF. I only took a few as compared to what was on display but I've got enough that I'm going to split these into two posts.

Below each one is the title of the quilt and the artist. Enjoy.

by Jeanne Pfister

The Empty Space
by Harumi Iida

by Kathy York

A Rose by Any Other Name
by Patt Blair

**Lynn's note: There was a crowd in front of this quilt like you wouldn't believe. It is absolutely stunning in real life. I stood for quite a while before being able to get close enough to it to take a photo. Not that I minded, it just gave me more time to admire it.

Air: That Which Surrounds & Influences
by Patricia Gould

Blue Moon
by Jane Lloyd

Flower Fields Forever
by Doria Goocher

Happy Trails
by Sonia Grasvik

Part 2 soon...

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