07 April 2008

Pretty good odds

I decided that in addition to The List, I would start making a pile of stuff on the dining room table in order to pack for IQF. The rationale is that if I gather it all in one place, then all that I'll need to do is shovel it into boxes and suitcases and bags. The volume is amazing, mostly due to everything I am bringing for Open Stuidos.

Here's what I've got so far:

  • 6 work-in-progress art quilts (Will all of them make it to Open Studios? Probably not but variety is good and I can guarantee that if I don't take them all, I'll want to work on the ones I left behind.)

  • 2 completed art quilts (As a testament to the fact that I do indeed finish things. They are also the ones featured in my article from Quilting Arts so I thought people might like to see them in person.)

  • 4 pairs of scissors (I cannot even begin to explain my issues with loosing scissors. I am the equivalent of a dryer sucking socks into a vortex, its totally disturbing.)

  • approximately 5,671 embroidery and beading needles (You know, just in case.)

  • more embellishments for each quilt then would be humanly possible for a group of 33 women to attach in the span of two hours (the scheduled time slots for Open Studios), which is why its totally reasonable to expect that I can do it on my own

  • 1,000 postcards advertising the call for my Breaking Traditions exhibit. (Shoosh, VistaPrint gave me an amazing deal on them and Sid-the-wonder-artist has agreed to help pass out whatever I have left when she does shows this summer, thanks Sid!)

  • laptop (I am an internet addict, I cannot go for six days without nor can I resist the urge - should I have a speck of energy left - to blog about IQF while there.)

  • about 1900 different tote bags (Okay, so I need to par that down a little bit.)

  • 3 coats (Chicago is not far from Michigan and is surely jsut as neurotic weather wise. I will not be caught unaware. We have the heavy wool jacket, the light wool jacket and the very light jean jacket. No, I'm not obessive, why do you ask???)

I could continue to list off everything I'm packing but really, do you want to read about how many pairs of skivvies I'm taking? No, neither would I...

I've decided to stay out of my stuido, I'm DONE packing that portion. I could spend the rest of my life picking out stuff that I might need, that could work on the quilts or that I think might be better then what I've already packed.

Besides, Julaine left a comment on a post this morning that totally gave me a duh moment: I'm going to a convention where there are hundreds of vendors catering to quilters and sewers of all types.

The odds are pretty good that if I do forget to pack something crucial, I'll be able to find it amongst them and pick one up to use. Problem solved.

I think its also safe to say that should I forget something as critical as toothpaste or a brush or deodarant, that somewhere in the entire state of Illinois, I will be able to find a store that sells such items. It is unlikely that Michigan has a monopoly on these products.

Now if I could just banish the thoughts of coming down with the plauge before the trip or going through Open Studios with a booger hanging out of my nose, I'd probably sleep better at night. Yeah, I'm all twitchy and kind of nervous but its all rooted in excitment so its the good kind. (I'm still a touch neurotic, though, so all the worst case scenarios like to prance through my mind as I'm thinking about things. Someone slap me, please.)

So if you are the International Quilt Festival next weeked from April 11-13 at the Donald E. Stevens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL, be sure to stop off and see me and the other wonderful artists at Open Studios. Here are my times again:

Friday April 11


Saturday April 12

12:30pm-2:30pm & 4:30pm-6:30pm

Sunday April 13

I promise I will have my hair brushed, smell good, and be stitching away on something with products from either my studio or the show floor.

See you soon.


City Girl Quilter said...

I'm still laughing at your comment about Chicago weather being as neurotic as Michigan weather. That is perhaps the understatement of the year. It is perfectly reasonable for you to take 3 coats. It might be 70 degrees, it might be -20. Or it may be both in the same day just for fun.

Anonymous said...
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