21 May 2007


These are the coolest things! I've been wanting some business cards that show my artwork but everything seems so ordinary. My brother got some of these for his photography and I really liked them so I ordered some for myself too.

They are called Moo Mini Cards. Its a UK based company. One thing that always amazes me is I can order something from overseas (Europe in particular) and I get it in a couple days. I could order something from Ohio and wait two weeks for it. Says something about the U.S. postal service.

Anyway, these cards are about 1" wide (28mm) by about 2.75" tall (70mm). They come in a pack of 100 so I uploaded ten photos of my work. Gives me ten of each card. Here's the front.

The backs are real simple but I like that too. Here's the back.

Aren't they great? My sister-in-law is really great at creating logos so she has agreed to create a logo for me as well. I'm excited for that too! It will be nice to have regular business cards that won't get dated from old artwork but also cards that are artwork based. Its the best of both worlds!

So why am I doing this? Because I plan to start selling my work. It will look more impressive to hand someone a card then to pull out an old receipt from my purse and write down my website address.

So that's my business card tale. On a totally unrelated topic, I just had to upload this picture of my westie, Dooley. He is IMPOSSIBLE to get a photo of. He is afraid of the camera and if I do manage to get a picture of him he usually gets a terrified look on his face. This was the best I could get, of course, waving a popsicle in front of him helped!

He's my little buddy. He's passed out on the sofa next to me - I took him for a long walk when I got home - so I'm going to go relax with him and look for a rerun of the Sopranos.


Dale Anne said...

LOVE your Moo cards........and your little Westie!
Have you tried taking a pic of him without a flash?

FibraArtysta said...

Will try to get better lighting of Doo Dog now that I know the trick to getting him pose! :) I was just goofing last night but so happy there is a way to get him to hold still long enough to snap a picture!